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How To Follow A Thyroid Diet Plan?

Thyroid Diet Plan
If the thyroid gland does not function in a healthy way we need to follow a healthy thyroid diet plan.

We keep reading a lot regarding Thyroid Diet Plan and various health tips to follow a thyroid diet plan for weight loss. We very well know that if the thyroid gland does not function in a healthy way we need to follow a healthy hyperthyroid or hypothyroid diet plan. If not done then our immune system and metabolism can go for a toss. The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped small gland that can make you fatigued along with causing weight issues.

Let us talk about ….

Thyroid diet plan for to lose weight 

Thyroid, being an autoimmune disease has become a common health issue all over the world. Strangely it is affecting ten times more females than males. If anyone is looking for a thyroid diet plan, here we present a Free Thyroid Diet plan For Weight Loss.

We do agree that thyroid can not be cured with a diet plan alone but it can surely be soothed with a balanced right diet plan and the right medication.

The 30-day Thyroid diet plan can affect human metabolism in a positive way because it is the thyroid hormone that helps to fix metabolism. The faster is the metabolism, the more amount of calories our body burns while at rest. People having hypothyroidism, face slow less thyroid hormone which leads to a slower metabolism and burns fewer calories at rest. A slow metabolism surely comes with various long-term health risks for example feeling tired, a higher level of blood cholesterol and the worst is – major difficulty in weight loss.

People with thyroid usually have been seen to face weight issues too. Various researches show that aerobic exercises can help boost thyroid hormone levels through a hypothyroidism diet plan resulting in better metabolism. To add to a healthy thyroid diet plan, eating more protein can also help in giving a push to slow metabolism. To make things easier for our readers IWB here presents tips on How to follow a thyroid diet plan for weight loss which can be called a special Thyroid Diet plan for weight lossWe hope it will motivate you all towards a long-term healthy eating system to lose weight.

Thyroid diet plan for weight loss

thyroid diet plan
IWB here presents tips on How to follow a thyroid diet plan for weight loss which can be called a special Thyroid Diet plan for weight loss.

Early Morning

Start your day with lukewarm water with or without lemon or Giloy and aloe vera juice as that can easily take care of your bowel movement.

Breakfast (Chose any option)

  • Oats Chia seeds soaked overnight in a cup of either milk or curd.
  • Besan and Cottage cheese Cheela (check here for recipe) with garlic and red chilly chutney and a small bowl of diluted curd.

Morning Snack (Options)

  • A medium apple or a bowl of melon
  • A glass of Nimbu paani or plain chaach

Lunch (Options)

  • Two small whole grain or wheat atta chapatis with bottle gourd mixed dal and ladyfinger sabzi with a small bowl of cucumber curd.
  • A bowl of brown rice mixed vegetable pulao with a glass of buttermilk and green coriander chutney.

Evening Snack (Options)

  • Tea with roasted groundnuts not more than one small handful
  • Black coffee with roasted chana


  • Spinach with paneer and one multigrain chapati with carrot mixed raita as curd.
  • Pumpkin or fish curry with one multigrain chapati and mixed vegetable raita.

This Indian Thyroid diet plan for weight loss is just a sample healthy best diet that will for sure help one shed some weight caused by hypothyroidism. Yes, we do agree when people say that any low-thyroid diet for weight loss can help in losing weight but only if supported with adequate activity levels. So all you need to do is to keep moving while you follow our low thyroid diet that is undoubtedly the best diet for hypothyroidism. Along with this diet for weight loss, you need to ‘Move and Follow our Diet Plan’.

If you plan to go for a healthy diet plan or walk plan, for weight loss, don’t forget to subscribe by hitting on the subscribe button on top. Remember we are there to keep motivating you and always try to stay motivated by listening to your weight loss or gain journey. You can share more about your healthy weight loss journey and the health programs that you followed by checking out our Join#IWBMovement here page.

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