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These 8 Week Transformations are Serious GOALS

8 week weight loss transformation

If you need some motivation, these 8 week transformations are serious goals! Before I introduce you, I’ve just gotta say: these women are a fab representation of the insanely awesome group of girls we had crushing the challenge this year. Seriously, it was such a fun and exciting summer watching you babes absolutely slay it!! I’m so proud of our LSF community for all of the work everyone put into themselves during the challenge. And I hope you’re still loving your results!

Now, without further ado, let’s introduce you to our winners:

Grand Prize Winner: Amber

You can find Amber killing it at @amberfit2021. We did a little Q&A with her so you can get to know her and hear more about her 8 week weight loss transformation

LSF: How did you feel after the challenge?

Amber: After the challenge, I felt like I had conquered the world! I feel amazing for sticking to my goal and completing each day of the challenge. I hit my long-term weight goal and my body really started to transform. I felt stronger and healthier and I could see my results in the mirror. And mentally, I felt more in control of my emotions and more centered, which makes me a better mom and wife.  

Is there anything from the challenge that you are still sticking with? 

EVERYTHING! I had gotten consistent working out on the LSF schedule, but I wasn’t truly seeing results until I got my nutrition on point. I’ve continued to follow the basics of the 14-day shape up plan and to keep my nutrition mindset: “I eat to fuel my body.” 

What helps you stay motivated?    

I’ve learned that my energy and mood are enhanced by moving my body, and I can’t wait to do it each day. I love being accountable with the LSF community

Our amazing runner-ups!


She lost nine pounds and was able to get off her high blood pressure and prediabetic pills!! 

She said, “I think my biggest challenge was to appreciate my body! I was so shy to participate in this challenge, but everyone on the team was kind and they encouraged me. It played a part in improving my relationship with my body. I can now say that I accept my body like it is! At every step of my journey.”


Carrie lost seven pounds! 

“My fav part of the challenges is the community, live workouts when I can do those, and yummy recipes/nutrition info,” she said.

Emily, our Pink Heart Winner

Emily is so involved in our LSF community and we’re so thrilled to hear that she feels like she’s getting something in return. When we asked her about this SSU Challenge, she said, “These last six weeks taught me many things, including balance. My focus for this challenge was to create healthy habits and work on flipping the script of my inner voice when negative thoughts began creeping in.”

Pretty incredible, right? We’re so excited to hear that these women transformed not just their bodies, but also their self-love and mental balance during the challenge. That’s what it’s all about! Three cheers for our impressive, inspiring SSU winners!

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