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Healthy Dinner When Not Hungry

Healthy Dinner When Not Hungry

I ate 3 idlis in evening snack today. Unfortunately, idli is considerably healthy snack that we get in our office cafeteria. When I returned, I was not at all hungry. Usually I take 45 mins to return, so I make sure I eat enough not to starve ! Today it was a breeze and I bumped home in 20 minutes. You see, I crib when I am stuck in jamn and also when I reach home early , LOLZ !

I was so full that I thought I should skip dinner. If I skip dinner, I would be hungry by midnight. I still have an hour’s work to finish before hitting bed. What to do now – I pondered !

So I decided to eat right now. Now meaning 23:03 by my watch , this is a live update while I am eating ;).

OK ,  I won’t bore you more. Let’s see what I ate for late dinner –

1. Apple milk

Skimmed milk, apple and muesli :). To make it even healthier, use roasted oats and nuts instead of muesli. I don’t mind muesli since I have got a sugar free one


and I am lazy to roast oats


Healthy Dinner When Not Hungry

2. Almond dates milk

A cup of almond milk with two dates chopped in.

3. Any home made soup.

Check out the link for easy recipe.

4. Easy salads

Check out the eight easy recipes here…

5. Pick your meal carefully

If you are like most of the women who have to cook for the family, ensure that you cut down on grains and have sauteed green vegetables.

How to do you have your Healthy Dinner When Not Hungry ? Let me know :)!

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