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How to Connect with the #TeamLSF Community

#TeamLSF community

Need new friends? Same! When I went through my own weight loss journey I felt totally alone. Like no one REALLY understood what I was going through or WHY I was making so many changes. I truly believe having a solid support system and women to help hold you accountable is the key to successfully creating and maintaining change and that’s where the #TeamLSF community comes in!

If you’re new to Love Sweat Fitness, I want to make it SUPER easy for you to connect with other bad*ss LSF girls so you can start crushing your goals!


Create your LSF Fitness account:

This is the BEST way to connect with Team LSF! If you’re looking for accountability, but don’t want to flood your personal IG with all your fitness goals, you can add and create your own LSF fitness account! This where you can post your sweaty selfies and #lsfrollcalls from LSF the App, share progress photos, and get daily motivation from your team! We are all in this together and the more your share the more we can all give your the support you need!

Make sure your LSF account is public so I can see your posts and come give you support!

Use & Search the hashtags

This is how you can find more girls to follow and connect with, see what’s happening with Love Sweat Fitness, and make sure I can come and give you support too!

#TeamLSF #LoveSweatFitness #LSFsayhey

#TeamLSF community, how to connect to get support and motivation


Need some girl talk? Our secret Facebook group is a great place to share, ask for advice, and connect with your team! Request to join today and we will get you in. This is for GIRLS ONLY so you can feel super confident and comfortable spilling it all!


Are you subscribed to my channel? I post new videos every Sunday sharing my life, weight loss tips, and tons of amazing hacks to help you live your best life! Join our community on youtube and say hi in the comments so I can welcome you!

As a community we show up to serve. We are here as a safe space for ALL women to come and let down their walls and help build each other up. To be raw, honest, and vulnerable with one another about some of our deepest insecurities. We are here for you! This #TeamLSF community is unlike any other and I can’t wait to be a part of your amazing story!

xo Katie

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