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Top reasons to follow Intermittent fasting for healthy weight loss

Top reasons to follow Intermittent fasting for healthy weight loss

Top reasons to follow Intermittent fasting for healthy weight loss
The more time our system spends digesting food, the less time it gets to remove toxins. This required time to fix toxic stuff, we get by adopting intermittent fasting as a way of living. Photo by The Fry Family Food Co. on Unsplash

After trying to improve my eating habits I came to realize the importance of Intermittent fasting. When my mom came to know about my new way of eating, she was quite upset as according to her we need to eat five to six small meals a day. Eating every 2-3 hours is important to stay healthy and keep the metabolism going was her argument but this time I was ready to make her understand my top reasons to follow Intermittent fasting for healthy weight loss. So if you are also confused between eating every two hours or do intermittent fasting, please read on to gain clarity.

  1. Toxins

When we eat every two or three hours, our body indulges in foods that make it overburdened with toxins. Nowadays most of the food that we eat is processed, packaged, and most of the time genetically modified. Our fresh greens are heavily laced with insecticides, additives, artificial colors as well as flavors. Just think of the weird-tasting spinach and those extra red melons. There had been incidents where we found out that how vendors add red sugar syrups with the help of injections to make watermelons red and sweet, mangoes, apples, and guavas are no more ripened on trees, and who can ignore the genetically modified huge pumpkins and gourds that we buy from the farmers’ market regularly? All these foods affect our digestion in a very negative way in turn damaging kidneys in one way or the other.

The fact remains that despite all of us wish to eat only organic vegetables and food items yet how many of us can afford the same? You can read all about organic food being a lucrative trend here…

When we are damned to eat only the available food from the market, doesn’t it make more sense to control the quantity and plan the best and least damaging ones to be consumed within a short eating window! Think about it as Intermittent fasting can help you cut on calories with healthier food options.

2. Less time in the kitchen

Wow! this is something very important to me as I DO NOT like spending too much time in the kitchen, cooking fancy meals laden with oils, spices, and sugars. I work from home with strict deadlines so cannot afford to spend a lot of time prepping and cooking five to six meals daily. I believe that we need food for survival so there is no need to waste time cooking fancy meals. I cannot imagine myself entering the kitchen every two hours to fix up small meals. Instead, I would love to relax and eat my meals within a four to six hours eating window while doing intermittent fasting. Well, that is my personal view but if you are the one for whom food is a life and death question, be free to utilize your life the way you want.

3. More time to digest and detox

Earlier when I used to follow every three hours eating schedules, I realized that more than preparing for food and eating it, I was spending time cleaning up the kitchen shelves. Similar was the condition of my digestion. Before I could digest my one meal it was time to go for another one just to keep my metabolism in order. It was so frustrating and made me understand the foolishness I was doing. I stopped feeling healthy and light with the thought of getting so many toxins inside my system hovering over my mind. So finally I decided to go for a lesser intake of unavoidable toxins with a longer period to digest food and give time to my system to detox.

Makes sense, right?

When we are eating after short intervals, more chances are there to gain weight, develop chronic diseases, resulting in premature aging, and premature death due to obesity. As we eat many small meals every day our organs, tissues, cells, and complete system have to overwork in digesting the consumed food but there is no time to take out toxins from the first meal before the second meal is already there to be had. OMG! what torture. It is a known fact that our body uses a lot of energy in order to digest and eliminate waste from the consumed food. The more time our system spends digesting food, the less time it gets to remove toxins. This required time to fix toxic stuff, we get by adopting intermittent fasting as a way of living. Remember, a clean body without any residual toxins is the only way to stay healthy and long life.

So what do you say? Let me remind the readers that this blog contains all my personal views about everything that I am experiencing while trying to lead a healthy life. You can read about my life experiences and ask for assistance from me in case you need any by checking this link here…

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Author: Archer Windsor

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