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SSU 2021 Giveaway

challenge giveaway

Summer Shape Up starts on July 19th and our challenge giveaway is just the extra push you need to get motivated and commit to the next 6 weeks. The GRAND PRIZE is $1000 CASH + a 1 year supple of LSF Nutrition and a 1 year supply of GT’s Kombucha! I think we can push it for 6 weeks for a chance to win that right?

I wanted to do things differently for this one so, instead of waiting until the end of the 6 weeks for some major prizes, I’m giving away a ½ way prize of $500 to Beach Riot too! Plus, EVERYONE who completes all 6 weeks and logs it in LSF the App will also get exclusive access to a live workout event. I’m talking workouts, guest speakers, giveaways, cooking together and more!

Want to win the challenge giveaway?

To Win the Grand Prize:
  1. Post your “I’m In” graphic on day 1 of the challenge.
  2. Complete the SSU submission we will send you at the end of the challenge and include the below…
  • Your Summer Shape Up progress photos
  • Share your story with us, the more details the better!
  • Upload screenshots of your LSF the App calendar showing you completed all 42 days of the challenge!
  • Post your progress photos on instagram and tag @lovesweatfitness @teamlsf #lsfsummershapeup
To Win the Halfway Point Prize:
  1. Log your workouts in LSF the App every day for a chance to win $500 to Beach Riot! Screen shot your calendar and post it on Instagram.
  2. Tag @lovesweatfitness @teamlsf @beachriot and use the hashtags #LSFsummershape #teamlsf
EVERYONE Who Finishes! 

Get exclusive access to a LSF LIVE WORKOUT EVENT virtually with giveaways, Q&A and surprises!

To Get Access: Upload screenshots of your LSF the App calendar completing all 42 days of the challenge!

**Weekly giveaways will be happening during our IG LIVES + zoome sessions too!

Read our T&C guidelines for more information on entry rules.

Want the best results to win the challenge giveaway?

LSF the App is designed to give you the absolute BEST results when you stick to my programming. Her 3:1 method makes your workouts FAST, FUN, & super EFFECTIVE so you can get it done, and get results that last! Sign up here to start your FREE 30 DAY TRIAL to get you started with SSU!

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