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Crop Top Crunch Time 2021

crop top crunch time

Ready to sculpt and tone your abs in just two weeks?! It’s time for our FREE Crop Top Crunch Time challenge!


For the next two weeks we are targeting our core with ab focused workouts and nutrition so we’re feeling confident and strong AF for summer. Join us, we start May 24th! Sign up here!

Why you need to do this 

This challenge is the best way to slide into summer! We are giving our abs some extra attention so we can rock those crop tops with confidence. In just TWO WEEKS you’ll sculpt your abs and ditch tummy bloat so you’re feeling lean and strong. Commit to yourself for 14 days and you’ll see (and feel) the difference. Because really, you can do anything for 14 days.  

Plus, this challenge is totally free! 

Here’s what you get when you sign up:


Targeted daily workouts to flatten your belly and lose the pooch (Plus on-demand videos, at your own pace workouts and live classes!)


Printable calendar to track your workouts and progress


Chance to WIN a beach bag filled with Katie’s summer essentials! 


Easy tips to help flatten your belly + lose the pooch 


Support and motivation from the #TeamLSF Community


And so much more!

The Giveaway

Win the cutest beach bag filled with Katie’s summer essentials! 

How to win:

  1. Give @TeamLSF + @LoveSweatFitness a follow on IG!
  2. Subscribe to Love Sweat Fitness on Youtube
  3. Share your Sweaty Selfies with us everyday of the challenge on Instagram and tag us by using #LSFCropTopCrunchTime!

Don’t forget your essentials

For Crop Top Crunch Time, we’re leveling up our nutrition and our fitness. 


The CTCT workouts are all about the slow burn so we’ll be using our Sculpting Slider Discs throughout the whole challenge! You’ll need these to complete your daily workouts. Compact, effective and what you need to tone those abs. Grab them now!


Ever heard that saying “abs are made in the kitchen”? Well, it’s true. Putting a focus on healthy nutrition will give you the results and definition in your core that you’re looking for. During the challenge, we’ll be using the Guiltless Nutrition Guide and Recipe Book for all of our recipes and to guide us through nutrition during the challenge! These recipes are delish and filled with healthy ingredients that will help you lose weight and see definition. 

Grab your Slide into Summer Bundle!

Don’t miss out – join us for Crop Top Crunch Time!

crop top crunch time

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