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4 Healthy Lunches That Aren’t Salad

healthy lunch ideas

Spring is heeeeere!! Can you feel it? I’ve been loving these late sunsets, plus the weather is getting so much warmer. It makes me so happy!

I’ll tell you what, though. When the weather is nice, I have a harder time wanting to spend very long in the kitchen. Like, I def know that putting in my meal prep is key to staying strong on my #goals. But lately, I’ve been finding myself wanting to get in and out of the kitchen as quick as possible.

That’s why I LOVE having some healthy lunch ideas at the ready. When you can throw together your midday meal, it makes a big difference. Not only does it help you get the nutrients you need to fuel the rest of your day, but it also helps you avoid that temptation to really overdo it at dinner.

And listen, ladies. Lunch doesn’t have to be rocket science! In my nutrition plans, I seriously have sooo many great, ultra-easy, healthy lunch ideas ready for you. Those meal plans are such a good way to take all the work of wondering what you’re gonna make off your plate. You just follow the plan and you’ll spend your days fueled by delicious food!

healthy lunch ideas

But if you haven’t grabbed a plan yet or are so rushed you don’t even have time to follow a basic recipe, no sweat. I’ve got some healthy lunch ideas. And they’re not even salad!!


For real, I lean on bowls so much. If you prep a grain like quinoa or brown rice over the weekend, putting your bowl together can be so, so fast. 

Just layer some grains and a protein in a bowl. I love chicken if I have some already ready to go, but you could even just open a can of black beans here.

Top your bowl with some veggies and a handful of greens. Maybe squeeze some lemon or lime over the top or throw on some sriracha. Boom! You’re done.

I’m telling you, girl. A bowl can seriously be the easiest way to get a hearty lunch in. It’ll keep you full for hours, too!

If you’re looking for a little more direction or inspo, check out my meal prep bowl recipe.  

healthy lunch ideas


One of the best things you can do to make lunch a breeze is keep some base ingredients ready in your pantry or freezer. I mentioned cans of black beans before, but another thing I really love keeping stocked is frozen cauliflower pizza crusts. Seriously, they’re so versatile!

And with those crusts on hand, you can throw together a flatbread for lunch so quickly. Most of the crusts need to bake in the oven a little bit on their own, which gives you time to prep your toppings. Slice up some protein and veggies and sprinkle them over the crust for a tasty, nutritious meal. 

Go easy on the cheese here, too. We’re making a flatbread, not a pizza, so a little sprinkle over the top should be plenty. 

I’ve got a fun spring flatbread recipe you could follow, too: spinach and strawberry flatbread

healthy lunch ideas


I steered clear of burritos for a while because I just wasn’t ready to bring a giant flour tortilla into my life. But we’ve come a long way! Now, you can get grain-free tortilla wraps, or you can find a healthier grain-based one: just look for sprouted grain tortillas. 

I bet you can figure it out from there. Some protein and veggies, plus a little rice and maybe some hot sauce — you’re good to go! 

I love burritos because they’re great on the move, too. As long as you don’t overfill your tortilla, you could even drive and eat one of these bad boys. 

You can have fun making a burrito with whatever you’ve got on hand, but if you’re looking for some guidance, you can check out my chicken and avocado burrito recipe

healthy lunch ideas


I don’t know how soup got such a bad reputation. People think that it’s hard to make and they think it’s not filling. But neither of those things is true! 

Soups are great because you can start them in the morning and have a hot lunch waiting for you. One of my fave things to do is get some hearty soup going in the slow cooker so all of the flavors are melded by lunchtime. 

To make your soup, you just need some low-sodium broth (if you’re making your own bone broth or veggie stock, even better!). Throw in your protein, chopped veggies, and any spices and herbs you like. Cover it and cook so your lunch will be there when you want it. 

Usually, protein will take about four hours to cook through on low, or a couple of hours on high. But you’ll get to know your slow cooker as you test it out, so don’t be afraid to experiment! Just check that any meat you add is cooked all the way before you dig in. 

Here’s a white chicken chili recipe you can use to get a feel for this process. Or if you don’t have time to use a slow cooker and you’ve got an insta pot, check out this detox soup recipe

See? Lunch can be easy breezy. And you don’t need to follow a recipe to put together a filling, tasty meal for yourself. Get creative and adapt your lunches based on what you want that day. As long as you keep the ingredients healthy, you can’t go wrong!

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