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Stretch Marks: Causes, Myths, Home Remedies for Treatment and Prevention

Stretch Marks: Causes, Myths, Home Remedies for Treatment and Prevention

Stretch marks are hated by everyone. Anyone who has lost weight or is losing weight shudders on the thought of stretch marks. BTW, Do you like stretch marks ? I mean , I am just asking 😛

Stretch marks are scars on the skin which are healed. These are caused due to overstretching of the skin. They are predominantly on the breasts, abdomen, upper arms, buttocks and thighs. They may be pink/red initially but fade to white/grey.

Stretch Marks: Causes, Myths, Home Remedies for Treatment and Prevention

The tendency to develop stretch marks depends on the amount and arrangement of the protein elastin in the skin. It is possible but very difficult to reverse a stretch mark. Although, laser and other expensive cosmetic treatments are easily available in India today.

If you have stretch marks, you might have a tendency to get them. If you are overweight or have gained weight, weight loss can prevent new stretch marks and prevents existing stretch marks to widen.

Stretch marks can develop in women due to Pregnancy. Mostly pregnant women get stretch marks towards the end of their pregnancy. Excessive weight gain during pregnancy or multiple pregnancies increases the possibility of developing stretch marks.

Please do not self medicate using with oral corticosteroids or steroid creams and lotions.

Myths about Stretch Marks

One of my friend has off late told me she got a stretch mark on her thigh and that she is using some imported moisturizer. I explained her that moisturizers, oils, creams, lotions, butters etc. cannot prevent or cure stretch marks. She made a face and asked me to shut up  🙁

Stretch marks are not a result of dry skin, but overstretching of skin. If only moisturizers could cause skin contraction, they could have helped.

But there are various ways to prevent and reduce stretch marks apart from cosmetic/laser treatments. The best part is that these are home remedies, easy on pocket 😉

Home Remedies for Stretch Marks

home remedies stretch marks

Castor oil
In my hometown, mothers are massaged with castor oil after child birth. The massage is then followed by a hot water bath. This custom has been knows to reduce wrinkles. used by many modern day facilities to help a woman get rid of stretch marks. Castor oil has moisturizing properties, which helps smoothen out the wrinkles. Therefore, an oil massage followed by a hot water bath can get rid of stretch marks.

Lemon Juice
Acidic nature and bleaching properties make Lemon the best to heal and reduce stretch marks. Using lemon on stretch marks is easy peasy. Take fresh lemon juice and rub on your stretch marks in circular motions. Make sure that the juice is well soaked, wiat for 10 minutes and rinse it off. Repeat this routine and see how it flares.

Aloe Vera
Aloe vera contains healing and soothing properties which can help skin regain elasticity, making it a good remedy for treating stretch marks. Rub some fresh aloe vera gel on the stretch marks.

Egg White
Egg whites contain amino acids and proteins that can cure stretch marks. Whip 2-3 egg whites and apply with brush or sponge. Allow it to dry completely and then rinse it off with cold wate. If your skin feels dry, go ahead and moisturize.


Taking supplements like  vitamin A, E and B is also helpful.

If your issue is Loose skin after weight loss, read the solutions here.

Do you know some more remedies for Stretch Marks? Please share with us!

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