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My Weight Loss Journey

My Weight Loss Journey


A lot of you questioned my rice diet, remember? No? Read it here. Since I did not know I was suffering from thyroid, the last 4 months went in vain and I did not shed weight :(.  You should always get regular tests done, read about them here. Hence, I have just begun my full-fledged and planned weight loss journey.

My Weight Loss Journey

I am sharing with you a few updates about last month’s progress so far, to keep myself motivated and encourage you to keep going! I have hardly eaten wheat for 40 days. As far as I remember, I have had 4 chapatis so far! I thought I won’t be able to sustain but thankfully I did. It is extremely difficult for a North Indian especially a vegetarian to shun wheat. There is a saying in Hindi – Ek to Karela, upar se neemchadda :P. Hope you got the point


I don’t crave carbs anymore, yeeeeeeeeeeee :). Even when I am stressed, my mind does not wander and I don’t think about Pizza or Pasta. In a way, the last month has brought an emotional detachment from food in me. This is a big thing for a foodie like me. Now, I can actually watch people eating delicious food ( read carbs ) without asking them to give me a bite


A few days back, I lost control and ate one ajwain parantha. My head started to ache. The same happened again another day. I can only infer that excess carbs make my head buzz. Good or bad? I don’t know, time will tell!

I feel my energy levels have gone high. I don’t feel tired unlike before. This might be because my anemia is under control and I am taking protein supplements.

Have no clue about my weight, my dietician has robbed my weighing scale and I am not allowed to use the same even in the gym!

I have been eating the same kind of food for 40 days. I am bored but still manage to eat. This has inculcated much-needed discipline in my eating habits.

My sleep is proper, Thank God for that!

I don’t crave sugar after meals like before. No sugar cravings at all :)!

Facing a lot of hair fall despite eating protein :(. This could be due to diet changes. I am starting another supplement this week which contains biotin, hopefully, this hair fall problem would be resolved soon, Amen!

My skin has improved, although it’s been 2 months since my last facial and God knows when I had scrubbed or put a face pack. My weight loss madness has caused a backdoor to my beauty rituals :P. I plan to hit the parlor soon, fingers crossed!

My appetite has reduced a lotttttttt, whoa! This is because of nuts and protein intake every couple of hours.

Finally, I have given up! Here a few of my pics. I thought I would share my pics when there is significant progress in my weight loss journey, but since a lot of you wanted to see your weight loss blogger, here I am :)! No bad comments allowed :P!

My Weight Loss Journey

Lots Of Love


P.S – I am known for making faces, so please excuse ! If you don’t like to read my boring updates, let me know


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