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3 Playlists for International Women’s Day

international women’s day

Oh heyyyy girlfriend! ICYMI, this month is Women’s History Month so we are channeling all of the girl power. Because really… who runs the world? Girls


March 8th is International Women’s Day and we are ready to celebrate! Whether you’re getting together with some of your BFF’s, or laying low at home, we’ve found the BEST 3 playlists on Spotify to jam out to all day long!

Top 100 Girl Power Songs

All of these playlists give us girl power vibes, but this one in particular has the girl power ANTHEMS. We love this playlist because there are a ton of throwback songs mixed with current music! There’s a little something for everyone and we bet you’ll know every word to the majority of these songs in this playlist.

Girl Power Playlist (Songs to Make You Forget About Dudes)

Another WINNER, this playlist is perfect for when you want to say buh-byeee to dudes. He’s not even worth your thoughts babe. Boost your mood with these absolute jams and get ready to dance all International Women’s Day. We also think these are perfect to blast in your car and sing like no one’s watching.

#GIRLHERO Girl Power Playlist

Did someone say…


main character


vibes? This playlist is all about being the hero of your own story! You are a strong, independent and bada** woman who has GOT THIS. Whatever you’re tackling this month, this playlist is sure to make you feel ready to take on the world. Soak up all of that girl power and crush it.

International Women’s Day girl gang

Finding your girl gang is CRUCIAL, it’s amazing to have a team of women by your side for the highs and the lows. Our LSF Community, Team LSF, is our girl gang that keeps us going on the daily! With over thousands of women, it’s so easy to get support and motivation with anything from workouts to healthy nutrition and beyond. Follow Team LSF on IG to stay in the know and check out our community page to get connected and join the community! You know you want to


International Women's Day

Pssssttt… to celebrate International Women’s Day, we are having a MEGA sale just for you that STARTS TODAY! Check out the LSF Shop for all of the deets and shop your heart out GF, you deserve it!! Sale ends on the 8th, don’t miss out.

international women's day

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