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Lots of Love Day 7: What’s Wrong with Being Confident?!

confidence boost

Yesterday, we definitely highlighted how self care and self love go hand-in-hand. Practice makes perfect there, babe, so as you work on recalibrating your self-talk to love yourself more, you can show yourself that love physically in the form of self care. Actions might not speak louder than words here, but they’re definitely an important piece of the puzzle. 

Today, the Self Love Workbook is giving you some awesome printables you can use to keep growing your self-love and self-care practices. I would def recommend printing them out and posting them somewhere you’ll see them. 

confidence boost

This week has been SO GOOD and I hope you feel like you’ve made a lot of progress toward being kinder to and more supportive of yourself. But don’t lose that progress. With the printables, you give yourself a way to keep self-love at the top of your mind so you don’t slip back into bad habits.

Did someone say confidence boost?

Wanna know another way to keep loving yourself more? Lean into the things you’re confident about! 

Seriously, as women, we’re taught that we should never brag. But I call BS on that. Sometimes, you need to let your swagger out. Men get to do it, so why shouldn’t we! I, for one, am ready to say goodbye to the idea that an ideal woman is a quiet one. 

My challenge for you today, my friend, is to tune into the things that make you feel your most confident. What fires you up? What are you really good at? What do you friends always compliment you on? 

Focusing on these things — instead of all the little things you wish you could change — is a GREAT confidence boost and way to improve your self love. Be a little braggadocious, babe. Let’s give ourselves and each other the space to tune into what makes us awesome. 

Seriously, what’s wrong with being confident?!

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