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Lots of Love Day 2: Bye Bye Bad Vibes

self love post

If you’ve been following LSF this week on Instagram, you know we’ve been getting real and exploring all the ways we unnecessarily dump on ourselves–and why we make ourselves feel unworthy of self love. If you’re not being kind to yourself, scootch in and let’s discuss.  We’re gonna help you flip the script.

First off, everything matters when it comes to discovering self love—from how you speak to yourself, speak about yourself, and treat yourself.  We are all guilty of being our own worst enemy at times. And we tell ourselves that who we are is not enough–that we’re somehow “less than.” Well, we’re not having it, so cut it out RN. It’s damaging AF. You need to ditch those bad vibes, girl. There’s only one YOU and it’s your responsibility to be nice to yourself. Go on. Recognize all the amazing things that make you awesome. Aight?

self love post

It’s Time to Stop Comparing

The problem is that most of us, usually because of our socials, are always chasing perfection. It’s time to understand that you’re fabulous the way you are! Stop doing things for others or because you think you’re supposed to look or act a certain way. Because when you try to please them, you start to feel pretty crappy about yourself.  Be comfortable in your own skin, girl. Work through why you feel the need to do those things. The sooner you get real with yourself, the sooner you can genuinely begin to understand who you are as a human being. And then you can really flourish into who you were born to be!

It’s a journey. And we’re going to help you every step of the way with our Self Love Workbook. Make sure you download it and check all the steps you can take to learn how to love yourself. Today let’s do Step #2 together.  Take a sec and write down three things you’ve felt about yourself that were toxic, post them with the hashtag #LSFLotsofLove, and pass it along! Plus, we wanna see your cute AF self love post on Insta and give you all the love you deserve. We promise you’re gonna feel the love and support of all the babes in our Queendom! So girl, go on and ‘love the one you’re with’–because that’s YOU.

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