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Lots of Love Day 1: Let’s get real

self love challenge

Girl, I am SO EXCITED that you’re here!!

This Lots of Love Challenge is going to push us — and def in the right direction. I know self care has been trending for a while now, but self love is even harder. As women, we’re taught to criticize and compare ourselves. But it’s time to change that!

self love challenge

That’s what the Lots of Love Challenge is all about. To make these big changes, though, we’re gonna have to put in some work. And we’re digging deep right away with this first day. In the Self Love Workbook, Day 1 is all about honest reflection.

This might not feel great. When you really sit down and evaluate how you feel about yourself, you might realize that it’s not that awesome. But don’t worry! That’s exactly why we’re here. With this challenge, we’re going to help you receive all the self-love this week — and we’ll be cheering you along every step of the way!

So the self love challenge today is to get really real. Sit with all your feelings, even the ones that aren’t the best. The only way to build your self love is to know where you’re starting. So be totally honest. 

The thing is: you might be surprised how not-great you feel about yourself when you really sit down and think about it. And I know that can feel discouraging, but don’t you worry, babe. Odds are, you’ve been walking around feeling bad about yourself and being self-critical without even realizing it. Soooo many women live like this!

So the whole point of today is to figure out where your head is at. The first step to changing something is being aware of it, so don’t stress if you come away from today’s exercise feeling a little down. Throughout this challenge, we’re going to help you build an awesome system of self love. Plus, you’ll get to do it surrounded by all the love and encouragement of our LSF community!

Ready? Write down how you feel about yourself right now and share on IG!

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