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Activewear that’s cheap yet Quality AF

affordable activewear

2020 was a lot of things — and let’s be honest, a lot of them weren’t great. But one thing I really loved about last year was that it FULLY ushered in the era of athleisure.

And as someone who’s pretty much always in yoga pants or bike shorts, I am HERE. FOR. IT. Like, finally, we’re blending cute and comfy with something I can get my sweat on in.

But I think there’s still this idea that you have to spend $100 to get those really good leggings. And girl, let me tell you, that’s not true! There a ton of affordable activewear options that look as good as they feel. 

affordable activewear

If you didn’t already check out my blog on finding the activewear look for less, scope it now! It’s full of outfits that cost like $100+ less than the high-end option, but still look just as cute! If that’s not proof that affordable activewear is out there, then I don’t know what is! 

Want even more cheap, cute workout clothes? You’ve come to the right place! Here are a seven more of my affordable activewear faves.

Target Seamless High-Waisted Leggings, $30

Ombre (read: cute)? Check. Seamless (read: ultra-comfy)? Check. Affordable activewear (read: $30)? Check. 

These leggings have it all. I love the 24” length. It’s super cute with tennies but also really functional. And these bad boys are moisture-wicking, too. Plus, who doesn’t love a high waist??

On top of all that, they come in a handful of cute colors so you can pick your fave. 

Amazon OQQ Yoga Outfit, $30

If you’ve already peeped my Amazon athleisure faves, you’ve probably already seen this set. I mean, that green is so memorable! 

I love this set because you can throw it on in two seconds and totally look like you made an effort. Plus, it’s seamless so you get that comfort that makes it as good for lounging as it is for working out. 

I personally love the green, but this set comes in a whole bunch of colors. And it’s just $30 for both pieces, so it definitely ticks the affordable activewear box!

affordable activewear

Old Navy Longline Tie Dye Sports Bra, $28

Don’t sleep on Old Navy’s workout gear! It’s super cheap and super cute!!

Like, how great is this sports bra that can totally double as a top? It’s got light support, so you can throw it on without feeling totally compressed (I wouldn’t recommend it for a workout where you’ll be jumping around a lot, though). 

And to make it even better, there are matching leggings with pockets! Heck yeah!!

Forever 21 Active Crisscross Muscle Tee, $10

Okay, look. I wouldn’t recommend Forever 21 for your go-to pair of leggings, by any stretch. You get what you pay for, and their activewear doesn’t always last. 

But it is really cute! And some activewear pieces, like tops you’ll wear a sports bra under, don’t need to be highly durable. 

That’s why I love this tee! It’s got a fun feature in the back that makes it so cute you could wear it anywhere, but it’s also functional because it’s going to be super breathable while you’re sweating in it! And, I mean, if you’re looking for affordable activewear, you’ll have a hard time beating that price. 

Amazon LDsports High Waist Yoga Pants, $18

Another pick from my Amazon list, these yoga pants rock! They have enough breathability that you don’t die in them while you’re getting sweaty, but they’re also def not seethrough. 

Plus, pockets! I love having a pocket in my yoga pants so I can throw my phone in there and make a quick trip to the store. It’s also great for stashing your phone while running!

These yoga pants probably won’t change your life, but they’re pretty great for $20. 

affordable activewear

Target JoyLab Marble Collection, $20-40

I really like JoyLab’s stuff! It fits and feels great, plus they’re definitely staying on top of the cutest patterns and cuts. And because it’s at Target, you know it’s gonna be relatively affordable activewear, too. 

This marble collection is ultra-cute. You can get the matching sports bra ($20) and leggings ($30) and be out of pocket $50, but if you really want to get an athleisure outfit that you could conceivably wear out to brunch, you might wanna consider adding the $40 sherpa jacket. It’s super comfy and has a hood to keep you cozy if you head out for an early morning workout! 

H&M Cropped Seamless Sports Top, $18

I own so much activewear, and I love it! But sometimes, I do feel like it all starts to look the same.

This top is definitely a departure from the norm! I love the little sleeves — it’s a great way to change it up. Plus, I feel like sometimes I like to see my arms in a sleeve while I’m working out. It just highlights your muscles differently and can give you a little extra motivation! And, I mean, that dusty pink is so hot right now. 

If you want a full look with this top, you can add the $30 matching leggings into the mix. 

How’s that for some affordable activewear? I hope you found some pieces you love and got some inspo for the next time you upgrade your workout wardrobe! 

Where are your favorite places to shop for cheap workout clothes? Let me know, babes! You know I’m always on the hunt for a good-looking outfit at a good price!

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