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Why your way of partying might be wrong

Why your way of partying might be wrong

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Why your way of Partying might be wrongI know you would be wondering why I am talking about your way of partying or celebrating or rejoicing! After all, Life is all about seeking big happiness from small things. You could be partying on some of the most important occasions of your life like your birthday or marriage, your son’s or daughter’s birth or your graduation ceremony. You could be partying without reason over the weekend. Who needs a reason to enjoy? Have you wondered that no matter how unique the occasion of celebration is, one thing always remains same – Food. You can’t even imagine a party without Food.

You could be eating healthy homemade food , fruits , salad and nuts during normal days. But when you party, you order food from your favorite restaurant or hotel. No matter which cuisine you order – Chinese, Continental, Oriental, Pizza, Sizzler or McDonald’s burger, nothing is as healthy as homemade food.

The irony is that when you celebrate happiest moments of your life, you end up punishing yourself by eating unhealthy food. Your body does not get enough nutrients unlike normal days. It takes a few days for your body to recover and you party again!

Don’t you think your body also deserves a treat on your special day? Instead of providing extra nutrition on your special day, you punish it by eating not so healthy or rather unhealthy food.

We are talking about Guilt Free Eating here. I came across a blog on the same and have published healthy ways to party. You can read it here .

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