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Can’t Miss New Year’s Eve Cocktail + Appetizers

holiday cocktail recipe

Merry Christmas Eve! As we are getting ready for NYE next week, it’s time to really get our holiday cheer on – because, Holy Christmas! We all need a little jingle juice about now. The year that was 2020 is finally finito. And you bet we’re gonna toast that sh*t show right into our rearview mirror.

To celebrate, we have concocted an amazing holiday cocktail recipe that’s low in sugar but, oh so high in spirit! After your first sip, we think it’s likely to become a holiday tradition in your home! Our holiday cocktail recipe for ‘Merry and Bright Cocktail’ is both sweet and savory and will be the only thing you need in your hand when you’re opening presents—on Christmas Eve or even the next morning. (Sure, have yourself a boozy little Christmas! No judging!) And then whip up another batch to toast the New Year!

holiday cocktail recipe

Our low-sugar beverage stars an unexpected ingredient: rosemary. This herb kinda looks a bit like teeny tiny pine needles, so it’s super festive ‘fir’ a holiday cocktail recipe. Also using monkfruit sweetner is so much healthier (I’ll admit, I kinda laugh every time I see the word ‘monkfruit.’ I mean, are they grown in a monestary? Lol.) Jokes aside, monkfruit is one of our fave low-calorie sweeteners used in foods and beverages as a great way to cut back on sugar consumption. It‘s so naturally sweet, you won’t be able to tell the diff. As we’ve said before, too much sugar leads to diabetes and obesity. Def something to avoid. We also include a little cranberry and lemon juice to even things out, and Viola! Let Yuletide commence.

Don’t forget Appetizers!

Oh and hey, if you’re really looking to keep the party going, how about serving some yummy appetizers? We got you covered with a plethora of delish finger food for the ultimate New Year’s Eve bash. We have some great healthy appetizers to choose from, like this sumptuous Stuffed Mushroom dish or this guilt-free Grain-Free Avocado Hummus Quesadilla Recipe! Here’s a link to some more easy appetizer recipes we have in the LSF Blog. (or get our Holiday Survival Guide and Recipe Book because some of the featured recipes are great to make all year-’round!)

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year with friends and family! And please don’t forget to social distance so *yule* have a healthy start to 2021!

holiday cocktail recipe

Merry and Bright Holiday cocktail


3/4oz simple syrup (I love using liquid monkfruit sweetner!)

Sprig of rosemary

¾ oz fresh lemon juice

½ oz cranberry juice

1oz gin or alcohol of your choice


Add everything into a shaker with ice

Shake it up!

Strain into festive glass

Top with dry champagne

Add more rosemary and cranberries to garnish and enjoy!

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