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Walk Weight Loss, How to do it!

Walk Weight Loss, How to do it!

Out of all the options available, Walking is the most easiest and powerful tool for exercise and weight loss; though it is generally ignored due to the lack of importance imparted to it. And the best part is it does not require any equipments just a long road and earphones for good music.

Today I want to share with you an easy walking plan which will help you shed extra weight in few weeks. But before I do that let me guide you regarding various kinds of walking (Yes, you heard me right even walking has types, surprise!!) and the correct way to walk.

how to walk for weight loss

Types of Walk:

Brisk Walk: It is a moderate intensity activity. It’s a pace that is challenging but still you should not lose your breath. Your heart rate should be 50 percent more than the normal heart rate. Walk for about 20 to 30 minutes for first 3 weeks at least twice a week as mentioned in plan below and gradually increase the time to 30 to 40 minutes

Fast Walk: It is a face paced walk that should take your heart rate to 70 to 80 percent more than the normal heart rate. Swinging your arms in full force you should not be able to talk.

Speed Walk: This is a combination of brisk walk and fast walk. Brisk Walk for about 3 minutes and then fast walk for 1 minute. Slowly decrease your brisk walk time and the cycle should be like 1 minute brisk walk and 1 minute fast walk. Walk for about 25 minutes at least three times a week and gradually increase the time till 35 minutes.

Correct way of Walking:

          walk weight loss

  • Always warm up and cool down. Walk at normal place for 5 minutes in beginning and 5 minutes at the end.
  • Keep your shoulders rolled back and down with back straight and look straight but make sure not to fall down in pit.
  • Bend your arms at 90 degrees and squeeze your should blades while walking.
  • Land on your heel as you bring your leg forward.
  • Take short quick steps.

Walking Plan:

Monday Brisk Walk
Tuesday Speed Walk
Wednesday Rest
Thursday Speed Walk
Friday Brisk Walk
Saturday Speed Walk
Sunday Rest

Follow this plan for 12 weeks and I am sure you will lose hell lot of your weight (my gym instructor says almost about 10 kgs). Let me know who all are going to follow it.

Enjoy what you do and be regular to achieve your goal. Stay fit, stay happy !

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Author: Archer Windsor

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