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Healthy Holiday Cinnamon Rolls

healthy cinnamon rolls

One of my favorite sweet indulgences is cinnamon rolls! They’re just perfect to serve during the holidays on Christmas morning or a delish dish when company arrives.

Cinnamon rolls, a treat which came over to the U.S. from Denmark and Sweden, can be such a chore to bake. Usually, they’re loaded with butter and refined sugar – not great for our waistlines or our health. You may think there is no such thing as healthy cinnamon rolls. But queens, you have yet to try our recipe that combines all the gooey cinnamony goodness that your grandma used to serve, with some of the fitness-friendly ingredients we’ve subbed.

The deets on why these cinnamon rolls are a healthier choice

Our healthy cinnamon rolls recipe uses sugar (and oil) from coconuts. This is a healthier alternative because it isn’t 100% pure sucrose like standard table sugar. Coconut sugar also contains nutrients, fiber, and healthy fats that are known to help prevent high cholesterol and heart disease.  And for those of you who always need to keep gut-health top of mind (I’m raising my hand!), coconut sugar also is chock full of antioxidants and something called “Inulin”. This is a dietary fiber that helps prevent colon cancer and keeps your gut and blood sugar in check.

Additionally, the other great part about coconut sugar is that you can use it in recipes at a 1:1 ratio to replace the sugar — just make sure you give it a little extra time to melt or combine with other ingredients.

Next, let’s discuss frosting.  While many other recipes use butter, powdered sugar, and milk, we use a yummy, healthier alternative: cream cheese. Just allow it to come to room temp and whip it up with some vanilla and maple sugar. Your frosting is done and done!

And to make your life even easier, our recipe calls for ready-made pizza dough! All ya gotta do is roll it out — none of that “waiting to rise” nonsense, so you’re ready to roll in no time!  We can’t wait for you to try our healthy cinnamon roll recipe!  Excited to hear how it all rolls out. Plus, make sure to check out more recipes just like this in our Holiday Survival Guide and Recipe Book!

Easy & Healthy Cinnamon Rolls

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