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Why Brown Rice Is Better Than White Rice

Why Brown Rice Is Better Than White Rice

This is another post related to my learnings from my nutritionist. She has asked me to have brown rice in dinner.
Now I don’t really like brown rice. We North Indians, fancy Basmati rice so much that we don’t want to know if something else exists ! N Rajma chawal , yummmmmm ! Are you drooling ? If yes, a Hi Fi



White rice tastes good, looks even better ! Brown rice doesn’t taste as good as white rice ! But it wins hands down when it comes to nutrition.

Why Brown Rice Is Better Than White Rice

Let’s see Why Brown Rice Is Better Than White Rice

Both white rice and brown rice undergo some processes which creates this nutrition difference. Brown rice undergoes refining which removes the husk of the rice kernel. In this process, the nutrition remains intact. On the other hand,white rice undergoes milling and polishing which takes way the essential nutrients.

Why Brown Rice Is Better Than White Rice process

Can you guess how many nutrients are lost during the conversion of brown rice into white rice ?

  • 80 % vitamin B1
  • 90 % vitamin B6
  • 67 % vitamin B3
  • 60 % iron
  • 50% phosphorous 
  • 60 % iron
  • 50% dietary fibre

I am listing down the reasons why you should have Brown rice in your meals –

1. Brown rice is great for heart and prevents cancer. It has high selenium which helps in reducing development of cancer, inflammatory conditions, heart diseases and arthritis.

2. It helps to reduce weight and improve metabolism, thanks to the immense fibre that brown rice contains. Fibre by now we know, keeps you feel full for a longer time.

3. One cup of brown rice fulfills 80% daily manganese requirement of the body. Manganese helps to form good cholesterol in the body.

4. Brown rice is whole grain, nature at its best ! For obvious reasons, organic brown rice is best to eat ! Since organic foods are difficult to procure, even if you replace white rice with normal brown rice, your health will improve !

5. Brown Rice has naturally occurring Oils

The heart healthy oils are present in brown rice which reduce bad cholesterol.

6. Brown Rice Causes Weight Loss

No matter how much you eat, you are eating fibre ;).

7. Brown Rice is an Antioxidant just like green tea

8. Brown Rice is a Slow-Release Sugar

Brown rice can help keep blood sugar stabilized because it releases sugar slowly unlike white rice. This means that even diabetics patients can have brown rice.

So people, have brown rice and stay healthy



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