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Health Tips For Karwa Chauth Fast

Health Tips For Karwa Chauth Fast

Karwa chauth fast is observed by Hindu women for the long life of their husband. This is followed all across India and especially in Northern & western parts of the country where this ritual is supposed to have originated.

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The Fast

This day proves to be very demanding and takes a toll on the health for many. Depriving our body of food and water the whole day is easier said than done. So, for those who do this vrat at the cost of their health….beware.

I suffer from gastric problems, acidity and nausea if I don’t eat on time…and then follows the headache, low blood pressure, low temperature, weakness… aah!!! The list is long. So fasts have always been a night mare for me. I have done much of a home work on what to eat and what not to, what to do and what not to… to stay fit and healthy during and after the fast.

Karva Chauth health tips_2Moving on to the tips….

 Before the fast:

  • Eat light food so that you do not feel lousy and lethargic all through the day
  • Avoid sweet and sugary food in the morning or the night before the fast as sugary foods tend to aggravate your hunger.
  • Eat good amount of fruits, especially pomegranates as they will provide the nutrients to the body and help you combat the health problems.
  • Consume milk products, like home made paneer,as they are rich in proteins and will make you feel full for a longer time.
  • Munch on some nuts, as they will be a good source of energy and help you stay away from water throughout the day.
  • Drink enough water to keep you hydrated all day.
  • Good night’s sleep…the most important part of the health care. As, lack of sleep cause imbalance of the hunger hormones and make you feel all the more hungry.

 During the Fast:

  • Keep yourself busy with friends and family.
  • Book an appointment at your favorite Spa or salon and pamper yourself.
  • Do some low-energy spending chores at home to keep yourself busy and divert your attention from the hungry tummy.

For those who will be eating fruits and consuming water…

  • Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated. Having a glass or two of luke warm water is surely going to be of help.
  • Avoid tea on empty stomach as it can increase the acidity problem.
  • You can have a glass of lemonade with salt sometime before the evening.

Breaking the fast:

  • Avoid consuming tea or coffee immediately after breaking the fast.
  • Having some fruit juice will help you.
  • Consume healthy fluids.
  • Avoid oily and heavy food at all cost. It will only worsen your gastric and acidity problem. And make you feel restless all through the night making you feel miserable the next day.
  • Avoid spicy food as well for the same reasons.
  • Eat slowly and chew properly. Don’t eat in a rush. It can cause indigestion.
  • Avoid heavy meals the next day as well, giving time to your digestive system to restore normalcy.

These tips are sure to benefit you all in having a healthy-fit-n-fine Karva Chauth…with negligible adverse health conditions.

Health Tips For Karwa Chauth FastWish you all a very happy and wonderful Karva Chauth. May God bless all of us… and bestow upon us the love and care of our darling hubbies.

A word for the husbands as well:

A big big THANKS to all those hubbies who will be fasting for their wives…. In this male dominant society the value and respect of women has seen great falls. By fasting for your wives you are not only making her happy but also acknowledging how much you respect her and all that she does for you…. Our society, religion and culture has listed no fast that a husband should do for the well being of his wife, but the list of fasts for women for her husband and family sees no end. So you gentlemen truly deserve thanks… a ray of hope for all women….

Are you ready for Karwa Chauth fast?

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