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My 5 Favorite Lower Body Stretches

lower body stretches

Oh girl, do I have some lower body stretches for you! I know this Booty Challenge has been MAJOR! And I’m definitely feeling it. So I’ve been hunting for ways to bring my sore muscles some relief — and I’ve def found it!

You’ve been working so hard all month on this challenge. We have just two days left! Can you believe it? As we wrap it up, it’s an awesome time to focus on some extra self-care and recovery. So I’ve got my fave lower body stretches queued up for you. But first, let’s talk recovery in general. 

Some recovery tips

After pretty much a full month of working that booty, your body is probably screaming out for some extra love. There’s just something about a sore butt. You feel it pretty much all the time! I kind of love it because I have a constant reminder of all the hard work I’ve been doing, but it definitely requires some self-care. 

Psst! if you’re looking for a way to make yourself feel extra good, get yourself our new foam roller! It’s not just ultra-cute. It also gives you a way to seriously relieve sore muscles. Pop on it when you’re watching TV and give yourself a little roll-out. It feels sooooo good. 

And if you want a little help getting used to using the roller, I just wrote a blog on six of my favorite body areas to foam roll. Check it out! Pair your roll session with these lower body stretches and you’ll be feeling incredible. 

Oh, and also, you know there are stretching and active recovery vids in the LSF app, right? When this challenge wraps up and you have a little extra time on your hands, I definitely recommend checking them out. Girl, recovery is SO IMPORTANT! Give your body some love! 

My top 5 lower body stretches

Okay, now let’s get to those lower body stretches. I’m going to walk you through five stretches that will hit your booty, hips, legs — the whole shebang. Here are my absolute fave lower body stretches!

Low Lunge

lower body stretches

Low Lunge quad stretch

lower body stretches

Half splits

lower body stretches

Figure Four wall

lower body stretches

Hip abductor stretch

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