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Butter or Margarine let us find out which is better for your health!

Butter or Margarine let us find out which is better for your health!

In one of my previous posts here, I mentioned Margarine as one of the food items that make us Fat. There are a lot of discussions happening about Margarine and Butter trying to know which one is healthier.

 Let’s find out…

Butter Or Margarine: Which Is Better?

 Butter is a dairy product and is made by churning cream. The homemade white one has a history dated thousands of years back.

Invented in 1869, margarine is prepared by emulsifying vegetable oil with skimmed milk or by hydrogenating vegetable oils. It could be a plant product or a combination of plant and dairy products too.

This clearly means that butter is natural whereas the other one is man-made. The secret to good health is to eat natural! Although, the origin of both of these is a strong reason for concluding that Margarine is no way better. But let us quickly know the difference between both of these. Butter Or Margarine Which Is Better

  • Let me start with the fact that as far as the calorie content is concerned, both of these are almost the same.
  • Butter has high saturated fat i.e 51 g per 100 gm as compared to Margarine which contains 23 g saturated fat per 100 gm.
  • Butter does not contain trans fats while the other one in question contains high levels of unsaturated fat and trans fat. Read about trans fats here.
  • Another difference is of toxic metals as margarine contains nickel and other toxic chemicals. Nickel in excess leads to kidney and lung diseases.
  • Butter is rich in healthy fatty acids whereas Margarine affects cholesterol negatively. It increases bad cholesterol and reduces the good one.
  • Margarine lowers the quality of breast milk simply because of trans fats. 
  • It is also known to decrease insulin response leading to the risk of diabetes.  
  • Margarine also decreases immune response. According to Dr. Mary Enig, consumption of trans fats lowers the efficiency of B cell response and an increase in the proliferation of T cells.

Now, do I need to say anything more to prove my point! It is clear that Butter any day is better for health. It is suggested that two teaspoons of butter are what our body needs daily!

Enjoy eating homemade butter :)!

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Butter or Margarine let us find out which is better for your health! published first on

Author: Archer Windsor

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