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Lifestyle Changes to Lose Weight – Part 2

 Lifestyle changes to lose weight

for staying Healthy

In continuation with my previous post on ‘Latest Lifestyle Changes to Lose Weight’ which was more about Covid-19 and post lockdown related lifestyle changes.

Lifestyle Changes to Lose Weight

Go back to Desi Ghee

Lifestyle Changes to Lose Weight I shunned Desi Ghee because of the misconceptions that it causes weight gain. I am back to Desi Ghee, I hope to make my food yummier and lose more weight with its use. You can read the benefits of Desi Ghee here.

Taking 40-50 steps after every half an hour

This really is not a Lifestyle change for me. Given my impatience, I can’t sit for more than half-hour or so :P. However, when zonked with work, I sometimes glue to my Lappi for hours. But now I make it a point to just take a few steps and get back to work!

Taking Stairs instead of Lift

I am too lazy to take the stairs but not to use the treadmill in the gym. Lol, maybe because I have paid for the gym ;). Now I use Lift only when I am loaded with grocery bags and I need to climb up three floors! Phew, so much of hard work na! 


Keeping my phone on SILENT while sleeping

I am still trying to change my habit of sleeping late. I am out and out, a night person. I know it’s bad, trying my best to change my habit. However, I have started putting my phone on silent mode. Otherwise, my WhatsApp buzzes, and I wake up. I might be sleepy to wake up but my mind for once wonders “who could have buzzed ?” :P.

Sleeping for 7-8 hours is a must for Good Health and Weight Loss.

Lastly, I have learned to say ‘NO’, a big ‘NO’ you see!

I had gone home for a week and I was being pushed (read tortured) to visit some relatives and neighbors (read aunties who are better detectives than Sherlock Holmes). They serve cold drinks or some sweets or chips. Phew! Let me tell you how learning to say NO has helped.


Aunty – Please have this cold drink

Tarun – No Aunty, I just had Tea

Aunty – So what, It is so hot. A cold drink will cool you. See, you are sweating so much.

(Mission Failed)


Tarun (as soon as  Aunty gets up, to fetch cold drink) – Aunty, I don’t drink cold drink.

Aunty – Oooh. Juice(read canned juice)?

Tarun – With both my hands in the air

say no for weight loss

Aunty looks confused, I love the expression ;). After a few seconds of serious thinking –

Aunty – Neebu Paani?

Tarun – Aaaah, now you are talking (in my mind). OK..(in a low voice). But no sugar, please

Aunty can now faint with all the nakharas. I don’t mind though


(Mission Accomplished)

You see how it helps! I am not going to put junk in my body to please someone. If the person is a well-wisher, he or she will understand. If not, I don’t mind them bitching at my back


Before I go, let me know some quick Lifestyle Changes you have made for Healthier YOU.

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Author: Archer Windsor

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