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8 Simple Yoga Moves for Relaxation

yoga moves for beginners

It’s officially time to get your relaxation on… yoga edition! These 8 simple yoga moves for beginners are sure to relax both you and your muscles… yes please! Roll out that mat, light a candle, and get your stretch on! Whether it’s in the early morning after my coffee, or at the end of the day, these simple yet effective yoga moves for beginners have seriously been my go to’s. Do these yoga moves at home, at the beach, anywhere! All you need is your beautiful self and a yoga mat. 

If you like these moves, you’re going to seriously LOVE all of my other yoga videos on the LSF app. I’ve put my all time favorite yoga moves into full videos on the app so you can keep track of your favorite stretches and customize your own routine! Download it here and let me know which moves are your favorite! 

And guess what… It’s Self Care September which means we’re officially putting our minds and bodies first this month and what better way to preach self care than to add this simple routine that your body will love you for! If you’re looking to start your own journey with self care (which, who wouldn’t want to!) then you’ll totally love my best tips for self care and everything I’m doing to participate this month!

8 Yoga Moves (for Beginners!)

Cat Cow

Child’s Pose

yoga moves for beginners

Seated Twist

yoga moves for beginners

Happy Baby

Plow Pose

yoga moves for beginners

Forward Fold

yoga moves for beginners

Half side split


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