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Hoist LeMond Series Elite Cycle Bike

Hoist LeMond Series Elite Cycle Bike Male
Hoist LeMond Series Elite Cycle Bike Female Profile

Hoist LeMond Series Elite Bike Pedal
Hoist LeMond Series Elite Bike Resistance
Hoist LeMond Series Elite Bike Feature

Hoist LeMond Series Elite Cycle Bike Review

by Dave Guernsey

The HOIST® LeMond® Elite Series exercise bikes are designed in partnership with three-time Tour de France champion, Greg LeMond. The LeMond® Elite cycle bike offers a set of sophisticated upgrades built to maximize comfort and withstand the rigours of the club environment. This bike is very comfortable and fits a wide range of people. This is a commercial bike meaning it literally goes in a health club but at a reasonable price for the home. What I like the most when I do 20-30 second sprints both standing and seated is how easy and fast it is to shift the resistance up or down. I also like the layout of the computer board for quick pertinent information that is important to me during a sprint routine. The design is very low maintenance with the fly wheel in back to reduce corrosion from sweat, magnetic resistance provides frictionless and smooth feel, poly v belt never needs to be replaced or oiled always smooth. If quality of components and build of bike is your first and most important requirement you cant go wrong with this spin bike.

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Author: Archer Windsor

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