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Which is the Best Oil for Cooking

Best Oil for Cooking;

Which one is your choice!

The most used food product at homes during lockdown due to Coronavirus had been cooking oils. We Indians left no stones unturned to make everything fried and spicy during the past few months. Thanks to the awareness about healthy and unhealthy fats most of the people ensured they were using the best ones for cooking. I had been discussing with a few relatives and did research on which is the best oil for cooking and yes, this question has been the most asked one on this blog too.

After all the research about the best cooking oil, I could not settle for one. The reason being that each one has a certain nutritional value which is unique. Our body needs all kinds of nutrients.

Earlier it was believed that adding more fats while cooking especially Indian dishes would make it tastier. But that is No more true. We try to do frying as little as possible using nonstick pans and air fryers. Overcooking also destroys the nutrients of the food, and that is the known fact now.

Let’s see what options do we have for frying and cooking in traditional kitchens –

which is the best oil for cooking

Desi Ghee

Most nutritious and your partner in Weight Loss. Read about Desi Ghee here.

Homemade White Butter

Excellent in nutrition and taste :P. I like butter on paranthas. It is good for Weight Loss.

Olive Oil

No doubt, Olive Oil is good for health. But it is not to be used to cooking since it turns rancid at the higher temperatures. Olive oils can be used to toss your salads, marinate chicken or gobhi, etc. Some people find its smell to be peculiar and taste which may be bothersome.

Rice Bran Oil

This oil is extracted from the brown layer of rice which is removed for the production of white rice. Rice Bran Oil is rich in MUFA and antioxidants. It has a high smoking point  which means that it does not break down to toxic substances. So, using rice bran oil for deep frying is a safe bet.

Mustard Oil

This oil comprises has fatty acids, oleic acid, linoleic acid, and uric acid.  People who have issues of high uric acid should skip mustard oil. The smell of mustard oil is awful :P. I generally use mustard oil for making veggies that taste best when cooked crispy like Bhindi or Bharta. Yummm


Sesame Oil

Sesame oil is also called gingerly oil. It is generally used for making pickles and sauces. Sesame seeds are rich in Zinc which is very good for the skin. Massage oils also contain sesame oil.

Coconut Oil

I won’t be exaggerating if I say Coconut oil is the healthiest oil for cooking. It has a unique composition of fatty acids that are 90% saturated.

Coconut oil can be safely used at ion at high heats and thus can be used for frying. South Indian folks are coconut oil lovers. They use it for cooking and for hair; women there have long hair. Coconut oil heals to lose weight. I will do a post on the qualities of coconut oil soon.

The best idea is to use different oil for different purposes or changing oil in a few days.

What is your staple cooking oil? Do let us know!

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