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The Tastiest Healthy Ice Cream Alternatives

healthy ice cream alternatives

It’s summer, and we all know during summer, the craving for ice cream is REAL. A good vanilla on a hot day sounds amazing, but might not make you feel so amazing after! But babe, you deserve a sweet treat after the hard work you put in using the LSF App and keeping nutrition on point with some of the LSF meal plans. We’re all for treating yo’self but finding healthy alternatives to your usual indulgences is KEY.

But no worries girl, because we did the work for you! Ryan and I taste tested 12 healthy ice cream alternatives so you could go straight for the good stuff! No wandering the aisles at the grocery store, looking up different ice creams or wondering if they’re actually healthy. No guessing. We are giving you alllllll the deets with our healthy ice cream review! And trust us, we found some winners!

Check out the new Youtube video on the Love Sweat Fitness Youtube channel and make sure to comment and let us know what we should taste test next!

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