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The Best Herbal Teas For Summers

The Best Herbal Teas For Summers

Summers are here and we’re increasingly experiencing cravings for cold treats and chilled drinks to beat the summer heat. Just the thought of a hot cup of tea makes some sweat in the fear of heat. Though research has proved that a hot cup of tea can make you feel better during soaring temperatures. Read about how hot tea can actually help you feel better during summers….here….

Here let me talk about a few varieties of herbal drinks that can do wonders to your physical as well as mental health during summers. So how about swapping your regular cooling drinks or tea for a soothing cup of any of these herbal teas this summer!

best herbal teas in summers

1. Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus tea is one of the easiest ways to keep cool naturally during the summers. This sweet and great looking tea is renowned for being the beauty drink of the ancient Egyptians.

herbal teas for summers

This herbal tea eases blood pressure issues and is very cooling too. You can read all about the benefits and preparation method of Hibiscus Tea here…

2. Rose Tea

Rose tea is another flavourful tea which can be had hot as well as a cold brew.

Rose tea

How to make it! I had posted the recipe recently and frankly speaking I have a glass of chilled rose tea on a daily basis to be safe from the scorching summer heat. You can read about the benefits and preparation of Rose tea here……

3. Lemon Tea

Aah! our good old sweet lemon tea, who doesn’t want an ice-filled glass of lemon tea after coming back home on a sunny afternoon. If we talk about the present day, peak summers with the scare of Coronavirus, the load of Vitamin C that this lemon tea provides is a great boost for immunity.

lemon tea

All you need to do is brew a cup of light green or black tea and squeeze in half lemon along with a spoonful of honey or any sweet syrup of your choice. You can read about the benefits of Lemon tea here…..

4. Basil and Mint Iced Tea

Mint is considered the manna during summers and is added to various summer beverages, Basil and mint together give out a very cooling effect to the mind and soul.

herbal teas for summers

These two herbs together have properties to heal from the effects of sunstroke and extreme heat. A cold brew with both mint and basil together is just perfect for a sunny day.

5. Pomegranate tea

Here you can read all about making pomegranate tea which is so easy that even kids can make it.

herbal tea

Of course, this tea has all the goodness of pomegranate seeds and can be had hot as well as cold. You can read about the process and benefits of pomegranate tea here…..

These are a few different from common herbal teas that I love to enjoy at home especially during summer afternoons. These help in digestion and great metabolism boosters. I think if you too are sitting at home the whole day during ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and spend your afternoons watching series and movies on OTT then you must have a tall glass of one of these herbal teas in your hand…. believe me, it doubles the fun.

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