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Why Hot Tea In Summers Is A Blessing

Why Hot Tea In Summers Is A Blessing

I have seen many people saying that they hate to drink tea in summers. Are you also one of those who refrain from taking hot tea during summer? What if I say that you are avoiding something that could actually have a cooling effect on your body. Yes, true that. I tell you why you must have hot tea during summers as it can be a blessing for you.

When I read that the scientists suggest having hot tea to cool your body down, I remembered my tea addicted uncle telling me that having hot tea in summer is like ‘iron cuts iron’. It may come as a surprise to some but it is true and I can personally vouch for it.

hot tea in summers

Why tea has a cooling effect in summers

There might be various reasons for hot tea having a cooling effect according to a neuroscientist at the University of Cambridge, Professor Peter McNaughton.

  • The small amount of caffeine present in tea gives a soothing effect making body alert.

  • Since tea being hot, makes us sweat, in turn, cools down the body.

  • Sweat makes the body’s cooling system trigger and cools off the body.

  • According to neuroscientists, consuming hot beverages such as tea or hot water raises core body temperature making us sweat more.

  • When we drink hot tea, the nerves in our mouth as well as the upper digestive tract respond to its heat. That stimulates the brain to produce more sweat. When the sweat evaporates, it cools one down.

For a similar cooling effect, the south Indians also eat very hot spicy food that keeps them cool during summers. Hot spices, like hot tea, make one sweat and cools down the human body temperature.

hot tea in summers

According to another scientist Gordon, when we eat hot meals or drink hot beverages, it triggers the central nervous system. This becomes the reason for the increase of heat in the mouth. It causes the skin temperature to increase and dilating the blood vessels resulted in sweating. During this process, the heat moves away from the body to the skin and ultimately to the air surrounding the body.

Why cold drinks are not effective

Let us see why drinking or eating too much of extremely cold things is not a good idea during summers. Too cold drinks can cause tightening of blood vessels, making you feel much hotter, rather than cooler. According to research, it was concluded that cooler drinks provide short term cooling effect because as compared to our body the volume of the cold drink is very less resulting in the dilution of cooling effect. Moreover one can have liquids in a limit. No one can deny the ill effects of soft drinks and other chilled desserts that we all consume in summers.

Our Take

If that be the case, don’t you think it is better to have a hot cup of tea than bottles of cold drinks or even chilled water?

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