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7 Day Mini Challenge: SSU Warm Up

Summer Shape Up warm up!

Are you ready for Summer Shape Up?! We’re so excited to kick off the challenge in just about one week! This is going to be 8 weeks of summer paradise sweating it all out together and getting that summer bod on point! We are so excited to see you babes get stronger through doing the challenge in the LSF App and keeping that nutrition on point with the Shape Up Bundle!

But to get extra pumped for the challenge, we’re doing a little warm up. Say hello to your Summer Shape Up warm up 7 Day Mini Challenge!! Complete each day of the mini challenge to get completely warmed up for SSU to start on July 6th. Psssttt…. still need to sign up?! Join us here!

Print out this 7 Day Mini Challenge and make sure to post each day on your LSF IG account using the hashtag #SSUwarmup! Let’s do this babe!

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