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Indian Vegetarian GM Diet-Day Six

Indian Vegetarian GM Diet-Day Six

Hello All,

Happy Saturday


. It seems like eternity since I started this diet :P. I am going to have a lockdown party soon with my husband but ofcourse not with Pizza


Did you party during Covid-19 Lockdown? These are some really difficult times. Anyways… This too shall pass. Right?


My Experience with Indian Vegetarian GM Diet-Day Six

Indian Vegetarian GM Diet

The original GM Diet – Day Six is also a Lean Meat day, just like Day Five. Indian Vegetarian GM Diet-Day Six has to be a proteins + carbs day in some form. One can have white meat ,egg white, soya, curd, cottage cheese, tofu, chanaa, moong daal and brown rice. Broken wheat will also do but only during the lunch.

GM Diet – Day Six and Seven are exactly same. So, I won’t bore you with same stuff


. Eating brown rice for lunch and dinner on Day 6 and Day 7 can be utterly boring.

For Breakfast-

I ate an apple and 3 boiled egg whites and a cup of tea.

For lunch-

I had the same old Moong Daal khichdi with cucumber raita. Oooh God, I am so bored of it!

Indian Vegetarian GM Diet – Day Three

Paneer remained my staple for grazing whenever I felt hungry between my meals.

For Dinner-

I made brown rice Pulao and it was disastrous :P. So, I have not clicked a photo. I have never cooked brown rice in a pressure cooker and I kept the ratio of rice:water as 1:2. But when it was cooked, I realised brown rice takes more time and more water to be cooked properly. The pulao did not taste bad but looked horrible


This day and night was the easiest of all. No sleep issues and no energy drop.

Aah! Such relief….


Weight Loss after Indian Vegetarian GM Diet- Day Six

I weighed myself today morning, and guess what? Hmm! I still have 1 day to go so let us see!

You need to wait for my Day-7 experience till Monday. Well, I need to see if I gain the weight back in the next 2-3 days of normal eating.

I will also post about what things could I have done better, how should we go about getting best results from GM Diet etc.

Stay tuned and have a great weekend ahead



In case you have missed the previous post on this series, you can read about Indian Vegetarian GM Diet here , my Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 , Day 4 and day 5 experiences here , here ,here , here and here.

 Have you tried Indian Vegetarian GM Diet ?

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