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Indian Vegetarian GM Diet-Day Three

Indian Vegetarian GM Diet-Day Three

Hello All,

Happy Day Three:) Well I am desperately waiting for seven Sunday so that I can at least eat nicely everything mixed without limitations


One taste a day sucks…. :/

I thank each one of you for your comments as all I need is support to keep going :). In case you have missed the previous post on this series, you can read about Indian Vegetarian GM Diet here , my Day 1 and Day 2 experiences here and here.

My Experience with Indian Vegetarian GM Diet-Day Three

Indian Vegetarian GM Diet – Day Three is a Fruits + Veggies day. You can have unlimited fruits and veggies. Wonder soup can also be taken any time of the day. I have completely forgotten to share the recipe of this soup. How forgetful this diet has made me


! I will share the recipe in the next post.

In the Indian Vegetarian GM diet, another food item that you can have anytime is Moong Daal , which is light on stomach. So, when you are hungry and have no mood for fruits/veggies, you can either have Moong Daal or Wonder soup.

My breakfast comprised of melons. You can also start your day with an apple. When you eat melons, make sure you drink at least 2 glasses of water for better digestion.

Indian Vegetarian GM Diet - Day One

Now here is the catch. After consuming so many fruits n veggies for 3 days, especially melon n papaya which are digestive fruits, my stomach ran


  So when you do the Indian Vegetarian GM Diet, make sure you have a variety of fruits.

Till now, I have splurged on melons, papaya, green apple, red apple, pear, kiwi, pomegranate and lime.

For lunch, I knew no more fruits !  So , I prepared moong daal khichdi. In a drop of desi ghee, add jeera and spices. 1:4 is the ratio of moong daal and water. I counted 20 grains of rice and added to get a feeling of eating khichdi :P. In reality, it was moong daal on a runny side.  I had it for lunch and dinner.

Indian Vegetarian GM Diet – Day Three

I also ate 2 tomatoes after night because I felt hungry.  I kept myself hydrated with 3.5 – 4 litres of water intake. I had 2 cups of tea , one in the morning and one in the evening.

To my surprise, my energy levels were pretty okay after having lunch when my stomach recovered.

Weight Loss after Indian Vegetarian GM Diet-Day Three

I see a total weight loss of over 1.4 kg. One of our sweet readers suggested not to weigh daily but I can’t control somehow :P. So, I am gonna do it every two days and not daily.

Have you tried Indian Vegetarian GM Diet ?

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