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Work from home can be bad for your Arthritis!

Work from home can be bad for your Arthritis!


Earlier work from home was considered an excuse, but it is the current day necessity, just because of the recent outbreak of the COVID-19. Working from home is obviously the need of the hour to protect ourselves from Covid pandemic. At the same time if you do not give it a proper check, it can result in worsening the condition of arthritis also. Let us see how these both are related so a better line can be drawn.

Your new work station is your couch; Right!

work from home

I mean we all know that nothing can be more comfortable than wearing our favorite pjs and lying on the couch and still working! It is something that brings us joy, but let me remind you that it is actually something that will cause the long term health issues. It is the posture while on the couch that is completely wrong. Even while working from home, it is suggested working from a desk. A proper sitting posture should be adopted.

Texting is a 24 hour job

Arthritis affects hands

The whatsapp groups have become the new announcement centres. Well, it is known that when the fingers are doing a lot of exercise then the hands and the wrist also get affected. Thus, it is suggested to use voice to text techniques to give the hands a break. Wrist supports can also be an efficient way to cut the pain.

Mobile phones are the new news channels

Work from home

All the updates that we receive these days are straight from our mobile phones. Be it any breaking news or any conference call with clients, everything comes from our phones. The prolonged usage of phones can result in issues in your neck as well as eye strains. To reduce this it is suggested to hold your phone up to the eye level  so that pressure on the muscles does not increase.

Too much news creates anxiety

work from home anxiety and arthritis

Too much stress is difficult for managing arthritis. It puts on too much mental pressure that makes dealing with the disease difficult. Thus, a person should be taking a break from the news and it is even better if you start meditating which shall be highly effective in managing the stress.

Bulk Buying

Well, it is true as it makes sense to buy more at once so that you can cut the trip to the grocery market frequently. But the issue lies in the fact that if you buy a 10 kg rice bag, you’ll have to carry it too, and that for sure can create a strain on your joints. Thus, smaller portions are suggested.

The habit of binge watching

work from home bad for arthritis

One thing that this pandemic has increased for sure is the watching ratio of the various streaming sites.But when you keep sitting in a certain position for longer, your bones can become stiff. So make sure that you take proper breaks in between the binge watching. A timer on the phone can be a helpful approach.

The dishes

work from home washing dishes

The number of dishes that you are washing in this quarantine period has highly increased. When you wash a large number of dishes at a stretch, the joints in your knee, feet and back can hurt. Thus, you can either segregate the load or you could use the anti fatigue cushion mats to reduce the pain.

Cooking has increased

Here the idea is to set up your kitchen in such a way that everything is easily accessible to you. Even if you are spending more time in your kitchen, this would mean that the extra stress on your joints does not increase manifold especially with standing kitchen cooking.

Our Take

The above mentioned are the commonly seen reasons behind why the issues related to arthritis might increase. While working from home you should take in consideration all of the above mentioned things so that the risk does not increase. Stay safe!

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