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7 Foods that Sound Healthy, But Are Not

 Hello People,

All of us are waiting for lockdown to end soon and so many of us are craving for our favourite foods. Some of us are already experimenting with food sitting at home. If you are one of those, then go through our list of 7 Foods that Sound Healthy, But Are Not.

I am going to list the food items that are termed as “healthy” but are nothing but cheap marketing gimmicks who fool innocent people like us! People spend more on these food items thinking they are taking better care of themselves. The truth is that we fall prey to these and instead of becoming healthier, we take a toll on our health unknowingly. So , I am going to write my heart out as is !

So here you go –

Multi-Grain and Wheat Breads

Multi grain breads or wheat breads or oat breads or brown bread sound nice. Warning – these may NOT contain whole grains. Next time when you buy bread, read the nutrition label. If you see that the bread contains flour which is refined or bleached , drop it there ! This is not 100% whole grain bread.

Nutrition Bars

Big Basket Good Diet Nutrition Bar Review

All kinds of energy bars or fiber bars or protein bars are not really healthy. They might have protein or fiber like they promise, but with a lot of unwanted ingredients as well. Energy bars are the best pre workout meal – you might have heard it a lot of times. It’s a LIE. They are usually full of added sugar and high fructose corn syrup. If you want fiber, have a green apple; it’s a better bet if you wish to fit into your college jeans.

Frozen or flavored Yogurt

I have eaten frozen yoghurt a lot of times thinking it’s much better than eating an ice-cream. I wish I knew that these awesomely looking yoghurts are full of added sugar.

Flavored yoghurt does NOT contain fruit. These have fruit pulp/syrup and added sugar. Do you remember sugar is an evil ? Don’t you ?

Fat-free Foods

Anything which says “Fat free” is a NO NO. ‘Fat free’ does NOT mean ‘calorie free’. It simply means that healthy fats are replaced with evil sugar and you are eating high calories !

Soy Products

Tofu and Soy milk are considered as healthy. Organic fermented soy products might be okay. The ones that we usually see in supermarkets are processed and are in no way healthy. Many studies relate soy to a lot of diseases.

Fruit Juice – Packed or Fresh

Fruit juice is a LIAR (read Sugar). When you remove fiber from a fruit, only sugar remains. The packaged fruit juice , even if they are labelled as “no added sugar” are the worst of all !


This one is my favorite (Read I hate it ). It costs more than a healthy meal and all we get is JUNK. How can Subway call itself as healthy. For Christ’s sake, you serve processed meat, sugary sauces, junk cookies and soft drinks ! How can you do this to people? Check this ingredient list here. This is from Subway’s Australian outlet but Subway is standardized, same across the globe. Check the nutrition information in the below pic from Subway’s  Indian website.

subway_7 foods that sound healthy

Whopping carbs and calories ! N please stop saying Fat free !

So folks, which food item surprised you the most ? If you know more food items that sound healthy but are cheats as the ones above, please let us know by dropping your comments !

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Author: Archer Windsor

I’m committed to providing my readers with trusted, evidence based health and medical information.The maintenance of health and fitness helps a person to be in the general state of health and well-being. It provides ability to perform physical actions without being tired or restless. Through informative articles I help you to navigate every step of your health and healthcare journey. My blogs helps you to learn and expand your knowledge of nutrition, fitness, and health. You are wise to question who you can trust when it comes to maintaining, enhancing, or rebuilding your health. Only if the answer provides you with a sense of security, move on to the next important question. I’m committed to provide quality informational and educational products in the physical activity and health fields that meet the needs of our readers.

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