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Covid-19 Lock Down; Top Nutritional Tips

Covid-19 Lock Down;

Top Nutritional Tips

We Indians are just in the first week of a three week long countrywide lockdown due to Covid-19 and each one of us getting affected by sitting at home. During normal circumstances too fruits, vegetables and seeds along with grains need to be included in our daily diet and these testing times are no different than those. Rather we need to take care of our health better so as not to gain weight and maintaining a strong immune system.

Covi-19 lock down nutrition tips

Having plenty of fruits, vegetables and seeds is something that is highly recommended even in the normal scenario. The reason being that it has been observed that the people consuming more of them have a better immune response to vaccines like pneumonia. All the above mentioned food items help in strengthing the immunity and aid in fighting with infections and viruses. It can be said that any one particular type of food alone can not boost your immune system, it has to be a combination of factors. As a result one should stick to a diet that is providing the essential nutrients and has minimum processed products during these testing times when we are all fighting the unseen demon Corona virus.

Covid-19 Lock Down Top Nutritional Tips

Go slow on refined carbohydrates and sugars

Covid-19 Lock Down Top Nutritional Tips

Researches say that having high quantity of sugar can hamper the functioning of the white blood cells, although there is no evidence of being more prone to infections. Refined carbohydrates are the biggest enemies for blood sugar spikes so these should be normally avoided. The simpler way to tackle is that measurement of own blood sugar levels. Avoiding bakery items can help in staying healthy nowadays when you are at home. Eat fresh whole grain roti with your favourite stuffings.

Soups in dinner

Covid-19 Lock Down Top Nutritional Tips

This is considered as the urban takeaway for curing cold. This can be a myth, however not a 100% myth. As per a study chicken soup has inhibited neutrophil migration, which is known to enhance the ability of recovering from infections. These days being Navratri most of us are not into non vegetarian food but once these nine days are over, there is no harm in consuming chicken soup. Yes, you heard it right, there is no link established between Covid-19 and chicken.

Snack on nuts

Covid-19 Lock Down Top Nutritional Tips

During this lockdown of three weeks the most difficult task is to control the habit of snacking. All those of you who were never ever thinking about food while working in office whole day, are just sitting on the bed and eating while working on their computers. Have you imagined yourselves after three weeks of lock down? Trick is to have roasted peanuts with evening tea as it has good fats and are filling enough to help you manage with a light dinner.

Our Take

Despite of all negative publicity by naysayers, fact remains that there is no shortage of fresh food in the assigned shops so go to the nearest shops, stand in designated places keeping in view social distancing and get fresh food as per your requirement. Do not hoard as there are many others who are in need of nutrition like you.

Stay healthy, stay home, stay safe. This too shall pass.

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