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Do you know why Keto Diet is not for long term weight loss goals!

Do you know why Keto Diet is not for long term weight loss goals!

It was in 2013 when I lost 30 kg weight by doing Keto diet and today in 2020 I have regained 20 kg.

keto diet not for long term weight loss goals

I am not blaming keto for it but yes one thing is sure that Keto Diet is not a sustainable diet for long term weight loss goals. Reasons; let us talk about those.

Keto Diet Craze- Is it just a fad!

keto diet a fad!People all over the world, especially Americans madly follow the keto diet. Recently this diet also has got a day named after it. An enterprise known as ‘The Vitamin Shoppe’ has named the first Sunday of this decade as the National Keto Day. Many doctors have critically acclaimed the keto diet as a fad diet, not being a great fan of keto, they call it unhealthy and unsustainable. According to Dr. David Katz, losing weight by a restricted and unbalanced diet leads to even more rapid weight gain.

Keto diet gains low opinion across the globe. The professionals are concerned about the degree of reduction of carbs. So if all around the world, keto diet has such a negative image, then how is it having a great following? Experts are of the opinion that due to it’s fast results more people are attracted to reducing weight by following the keto diet. Check here for a keto diet plan.

What is keto?

Keto diet, not for long term weight loss

The short form for ketosis, it is defined as a metabolic state that occurs when your liver becomes habitual to use the stored fat to produce ketones for energy. The liver is habitual to use carbohydrates as preferred fuel, so when it is not able to find them, it feels starving. This study has been done long before that when the brain is denied access to glucose, and the mechanism is converted to being ketone based, it reduces the electrical activity.

Why Keto is not sustainable?

why keto fails

Despite losing 30 kilos, I was not able to stay on Keto diet and here are the reasons why…..

  1. Creating ketosis isn’t as easy as it sounds. In this diet, you have to limit your carb intake to 20 per day, the lower the better. The body takes days to weeks to get habitual to this.
  2. The feeling of fatigue is so bad that the keto followers have also christened the experience as keto flu (Read about it here).
  3. You might also experience keto breath, which is a metallic smell similar to a nail paint remover. Apart from urination, that’s the only way ketones are removed from the body. Drinking excessive water can help you get rid of this dragon breath.
  4. Once all this passes, the keto lovers enjoy the energy with little or less hunger. But this all shall be till the time you religiously follow the diet. One thing you miss the track, your body desires to go back to the normal routine.
  5. To stay in Ketosis you need to eat a lot of non vegetarian food, cut on dairy products as well as fruits and this is where we Indians can easily falter.
  6. Avocado, nut milk and the likes of expensive food items too can be a hindrance in following Keto diet in the long run.
  7. Keto diet as such is not a good idea for your muscles and tissues.

I have been there, seen all, so can vouch for it. One day you slip and it becomes almost impossible to go back.

What does the research say?

There have been a lot of research claims regarding the ill effects of keto diet. Ketogenic diet is at its best a short term diet in relation to its effectiveness. If it is used in a genuine manner, it can serve as a great tool to prevent several chronic diseases apart from improving overall health.

What we say…

Despite the popularity, the actual benefits that keto diet provides are less. It is not a superior form of dietary approach for long term weight loss. Nutritionists fail to see any benefits as they don’t see that as a long term effect. The day you are off your diet, all your weight loss shall return to zero. If you are looking for life long weight loss then you should be adopting a sustainable diet plan to reduce weight and keto fails to stand true on these platforms.

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