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Soy And Man Boobs; Is There Any Link!

Soy and man boobs;

What is the link!

Are you also among the people who avoid eating soy because they think it causes male boobs. Well, this is a common perception among many out there. Men tend to avoid soy food like soy milk and tofu regardless of them being high sources of proteins. So the association of soy products and male boobs, let’s see how this originated and what is the ground reality.

Are soy products and man boobs linked?

Soy foods are rich in isoflavones and that is the reason that they are linked to having a feminine effect. In the year 2009, a magazine raised this issue. The article was based on a study and a case report about a man who developed feminine characteristics that included erectile dysfunction, breast development and libido loss. All this was linked to high estrogen levels that was caused by soy consumption. Adding to the research, it was later shown that soy intake also reduces the sperm count. An article published in the magazine said that the older men you developed feminizing effects consumed 3 quarters of soy milk daily. An expert explained that if the soy milk was actually made from soybeans, isoflavone intake would have been 300 mg per day which is approximately 8-9 times higher than the average isoflavone intake of older Japanese men. Thus proper research and study should be undertaken before coming to any conclusion.

What does the research say about man boobs!

A research shows that the soy consumption is not the root cause for development of breasts in men. This is a highly misunderstood concept which is popularized or rather much hyped due to the internet and lack of proper information.

Along with this, Messina associates research where the results show that soy consumption does not lead to feminizing effects in men. In the year 2020, a meta analysis was conducted in which 32 studies showed that there were no significant effects of soy intake or isoflavone intake in the levels of testosterone. There exists much more research that denies any relationship between eating soy and development of breasts in men.

Soy is the best form of protein. Soy includes an array of nutrients like fiber, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and anti inflammatory actions. A recommended consumption includes two servings of whole soy per day. Examples would include soybeans, tofu or soy milk which are the commonly consumed products.

Our Take

Thus it can be safely concluded that soy consumption is beneficial for building muscles as they provide proteins. The myth associated with boobs formation is just a result of improper information.

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Author: Archer Windsor

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