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Dry Fruits Benefits For Over All Health And Wellness

Dry Fruits Benefits For Over All Health And Wellness

Dry Fruits Benefits For Over All Health And Wellness

The most recalled memory that we derive from our childhood is of having our mothers run behind us to have the dry fruits. In most of the Indian families there’s a tradition of having blended dry fruits with a glass of milk to ensure the adequate amount of nutrition. Dry fruits are considered as the powerhouse of energy so irrespective of the age, dry fruits should be consumed on a regular basis and in an adequate amount. Let’s have a detailed look at the dry fruits along with the benefits that they serve. 

  • Almonds

Dry Fruits Benefits For Health And Wellness

It is that one dry fruit which should be your go-to snack everyday. The benefits that you can easily gain out of consuming a handful of almonds daily include:

Heart health:

As almonds include high amount of monounsaturated fatty acids along with Vitamin E , they help in maintaining a healthy cholesterol level. 

The blood pressure is regulated by the presence of magnesium and potassium. 


The dietary fiber present in the almonds make us feel fuller, which in turn checks for overeating. Research shows that if you have an almond rich diet, there are chances of reduction in the body weight. 

Blood Sugar

It is believed that almond consumption along with the regular meals helps to slow down the glucose release into the blood stream and thus as a result prevents the high levels of blood sugar. 

Dietary Advice

It is preferred not to have almonds on their own, rather combining it with the meals could help lower the glycemic levels of the food. Sliced almonds could be added to pasta or salads too. 


Walnuts can be the best powerhouse of energy pertaining to the levels of goodness they accquire. These are the perfect crunch snacks for your cravings. 

Brain Food

With the appearance similarity with the brain, walnuts actually have neuroprotective compounds that help in enhancing the cognitive abilities. Along with acting as a stress buster, walnuts also provide a sense of calm. Dementia causing radicals can also be fought with regular walnut intake. 


Research has proven that walnuts reduce the chances of pancreatic and breast cancer as well as they reduce proliferation of cancer cells. Research shows that the melatonin content helps in the chemo-preventive properties. 

Skin and Hair

The high vitamin B and antioxidant content helps preventing wrinkles along with early signs of ageing. The biotin content is responsible for preventing the hair damage. 

Dietary Advice

Approx 4-7 pieces of walnuts on a regular basis are advisable for daily consumption. Grinding them and mixing that with the chapati dough can also be a way of ensuring the adequate amount of consumption. 

  • Apricots

apricots benefits

The ripe, well dried version of this fruit is a storehouse of antioxidants. With a rich vitamin A content, apricots are known for their qualities for improving eye sight. Along with this, it is highly beneficial for the immune system


The vitamin A and beta carotenoid content helps in keeping the vision in check. It also strengthens the optic nerves.  

High Iron Content

The high iron content in the apricots helps keeping the harmful effects of the free radicals and cancerous growths. Also, the iron content keeps a check on anemia. 

Skin and Bones

Apricots are known for strengthening bones and improving skin because of the calcium and the potassium content. Calcium is the important element for the formation of bones whereas potassium is required for the distribution of calcium in the body. The skin regeneration is faster in the body with adequate amount of calcium present. 

Dietary Advice

It is advisable to have apricots in the form of smoothies. 

  • Dates

Winter is all about having dates in a full sunny day, and this wholesome dry fruit can be relished as ways ranging from dessert to snack. 


Dates are an extremely rich source of iron and can be helpful for people with anemia. If any symptoms of anemia persist, dates can be the best way to add to the iron levels in the body. 

Instant source of Energy

Natural presence of sugar in the dates make them a storehouse of energy. It is considered effective in breaking the fasts as the sugar present in it breaks down instantly providing the much required energy. 

Increaes Digestion

The fiber content helps in easing the problem of constipation. It is a trusted home remedy to cure such ailment. 

Dietary Advice

Having 3-4 dates whenever you feel low during the day can instantly boost up the energy level. 

Our Take

So, this was all about the highly recommend dry fruits that you should include in your diet on a regular basis. The continuous usage shall clearly show the difference and one must take the instructions seriously and see the difference themselves.

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Author: Archer Windsor

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