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How To Choose Energy Bars For Weight Loss

How to choose

Energy Bars for weight loss?

Losing weight today has emerged as a trend gaining popularity like nothing else. Everyone wants to lose weight and how, that is what matters for the results. There are numerous trends in the fitness industry that one can follow but choosing the best one from the wide range of options is the most difficult task. It is actually more difficult because finding the right track is always difficult than the journey itself. While some prefer starving in the name of dieting, while others prefer burning those extra calories in the gym by working out.

energy bars for weight loss

Energy Bars, a new plant in the weight loss garden

Energy bars aka Protein bars are ready to eat product that contains a higher ratio of protein as compared to carbohydrates. There are many myths regarding weight loss by Energy bars but firstly let us see what are these bars all about.
Generally used and designed to be a substitute for food for those
who are fitness enthusiasts, Energy Bars are supplement bars that contain cereal and other high energy foods to provide instant energy to the body without getting that full feeling after consumption of a meal. The energy in these energy bars are majorly derived from the three sources namely fats, protein and carbohydrates. In order to obtain energy these are usually filled with sugers like fructose and sucrose.

How Energy bars help in weight loss?

Energy bars offer a dual purpose, not only are they helpful in losing weight along with maintaining a healthy lifestyle. These bars rich in protein help in maintaining the body strength but more or less are just like supplements one can consume while following a weight loss regime, not a thing that you can totally rely upon to lose weight. So if you are aiming for weight loss you might have a bar once a while not as a usual diet.

How to choose the right energy bar

Here are a few points that should be taken into consideration while choosing the perfect energy bar for yourself.

energy bars for weight loss

  • Check the sugars

Always check the labels for the sugars that are included in the health bar because that’s from where the maximum energy is derived from. Anything more than 10 gram per bar would not be a healthy consumption.

  • Opt for dry fruits

The bars that are rich in raisins, apricots, dates etc should be chosen over the ones that have artificial sweeteners because the ones rich in dry fruits have natural sugar which is not harmful for the human body.

For the purpose of weight loss bars rich in protein are preferred so if it’s weight loss that you are looking forward to make sure that your yoga bar has more of proteins.

  • Avoid “sugar free”

sugar free energy bars

The bars that read sugar free are they actually sugar free, no they contain sugar alcohols which is definitely not the right thing for consumption, so a note of that should be taken.

And summing this up, everything natural is good so prefer the bars that are made from farm fresh products is the best. The fewer the ingredients of the bar, the better the quality.

What makes a perfect Energy Bar

● Proteins – 20 gms
● Fibre- 10 gms
● 300 mg of Omega 3s
● No artificial sweeteners
● No soy proteins
● Gluten free
● Specified quantities of fats and carbs

Are Energy Bars effective in weight loss!

  • If you are into weight loss, only energy bars won’t serve the purpose. The reason behind this being the carb and sugar levels in the bars being so significantly high it will only restrict to cut down the extra fats. While these bars rich in amino acids or protein in simpler words help in building muscles supporting the overall health of the body. 
  • Apart from maintaining fitness goals by boosting the protein content to your slimming diet they add the essential nutrients to your body. Having said all this it would be wrong to say that energy bars help in reducing weight because even the protein bar having the highest amount of nutrients cannot supplement the nutritional value that the actual food products have. So at any cost these shall not be used as a protein supplement rather they can be consumed in addition to the regular diet only.

Our take:

Although energy bars are helpful in maintaining an appetite but not the entire goal of losing weight is fulfilled by consuming the bars. They are just a supplement to the diet and not the entire solution for weight loss. They can be consumed if an individual is wishing to have a significant amount of protein intake in a short span of time and nothing else. For weight loss a person should focus on other options rather than sticking to consumption of energy bars only.

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