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Slimming World Diet- All About ‘Syn’ free foods

Slimming World Diet

Are you also one of those people who want to loose weight but can’t give up on their favourite foods. Is that what’s stopping you from shedding those extra inches from your body? Is the love for your extra eating stopping you from being the hot chic next door?
What if someone tells you that dieting isn’t only eating less? Rather how would you feel if you know that you can eat unlimited and then also loose weight! Sounds surprising, right? You must be thinking how’s this possible, how can this completely contrary thing be true,
well this is what Slimming World Diet is!
Let’s get to know more about it!

slimming world diet

Slimming World Diet – The Origin

It has its origin in a Derbyshire based weight loss company founded by Margaret miles – Bramwell in the year 1969. This diet basically focuses on the principle of Food Optimization . Slimming world diet is based on the idea that you need not to eat less, you can have products in unlimited quantities just the type of food that you are
consuming is what makes the difference here. It includes a list of prescribed Syn free foods whose consumption in even larger quantities isn’t harmful.

Now you need to know what are Syn free foods as they form the basics of the slimming world diet. Syns are basically short for synergy as free foods, healthy extras all add up to effective weight loss which is our basic motive. Along with unlimited consumption of syn foods, this diet helps in shedding 1-2 pounds a week which is a
significant weight loss amount. This diet programme basically aims at substituting high fat foods with low fat foods. Its main agenda is calorie discouragement but not all calories are taken into count so this agenda works well in most of the cases.

How does this work?

slimming world dietSlimming world diet has dieters who have to choose from a list of low fat foods they call as Free Foods which primarily include fruits, vegetables, potato, pasta, rice, meat, fish and eggs. Also there is no restriction on the quantity of consumption, you can have as much as you like! Isn’t it an usual thing to hear about a diet plan!
The food optimization technique works on following the basic three steps :

Focus on free foods

The filling and healthy food products such as meat, egg, fish, pasta, potatoes, veggies and fruits can be consumed in an unlimited quantity as they do not have a negative impact on the body of the individual and also relieve the person from the untimely hunger that creates the urge to consume fast foods.

Add “healthy extras”

The additives rich in calcium, fibre and other nutrients including  dairy products, nuts, seeds and whole grains. These should be included as a major portion in the diet for munching instead of consuming fast food items that degrade the health.

Enjoy a few SYN’s

Healthy weight loss foods

A smaller one for synergy, syns are intermittent treats such as alcohol and sweets whose calorie content is usually high.


Apart from helping loose weight, slimming world diet also helps us adopt a healthier lifestyle because as we start following the prescribed articles in the diet our preferences tend to change and we become more inclined towards our health and try to avoid the fat rich food. It reduces the risk of being prone to obesity related diseases. It has been recognized as the most cost effective way to reduce weight so far.

Although it is full of benefits it requires a lot of commitment and dedication from the person exercising this because as long as the person is not focused there’s no use of following any type of diet.

My Take

The slimming world diet is thus a self controllable eating plan that helps in reducing weight along with managing the eating habits of the individual, thus it kills two birds with one stone leaving the person in a win win situation. But the bottom line of this diet
plan is that the commitment of the person is what that matters the most. Happy Dieting!

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Author: Archer Windsor

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