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Stop Body Shaming, Stop Judging And Nudging

No Judging, No Nudging


Note…. Keeping with the aim of making readers aware of the mental health issues related to Body Shaming, we had asked for the thoughts of Indian youth. Here is another one in the series… “Say No to Body Shaming”.

#IWBMovement Stop Body Shaming

Body ShamingThese days, people do not seem to find anything wrong in making fun of someone else’s body, and sure enough, it is the ‘fat’ guy who is the preferred target compared to the thin. Shockingly enough, some people think/believe that making a person feel ashamed of their bodies is a potent way of motivating them to transform themselves, and that they will work even harder to achieve this miracle. Even celebrities get targeted, for example, Ariana Grande received a comment saying “Curves are sexy sticks aren’t.” Because of comments like these, both men and women are seen to predominantly suffer from low self-esteem and insecurity.

People do not see anything wrong in “expressing their opinions,” regardless of the fact that these very opinions can actually hurt someone. More than one-third of the young girls today are scared of becoming ‘fat,’ and therefore engage in crash dieting, and even binge eating. It has also been seen that girls as young as 10 years old are worried about the way they look and their ‘size’! Those who clearly intend to hurt, will never stop targeting the body image with unsavoury comments, but what we need to understand here is that nobody chooses the body they have, especially an unfit body.

If someone looks unhealthy, we need to tell them how to change that, show them how they can become fit, and encourage them to take that road, rather than just criticizing them, or even making fun of them. Discrimination, singling out, and shaming only causes stress and makes a person feel bad about oneself. If someone is already overweight, this stress can actually make them eat more and more, and consequently, gain even more weight.

Did you ever stop and think about how often people are told to change our appearance?

Body Shaming

There are people selling stuff to lose weight “in days,” appear slimmer “instantly,” and hide “imperfections”, without actually knowing anything about individuals. This is also an example of body-shaming, and sadly it is everywhere. Normalization of notions result in comparison and shame. Obese people are cursed to be how they are and are seen with disdainful eyes. The only thing that matters today it seems is physical appearance.

Stop Judging and Nudging

body shamingThings have to turn around! Let’s start with ourselves for a “change”! The “fat” person eating the whole packet of chips or that bar of chocolate isn’t all about eating. Maybe, they haven’t got time for eating between their busy schedules or they are too tired to cook for themselves when they reach their PG, where they live alone. 3 out of 4 cases where we see a fat person isn’t because he/she is eating a whole lot of food. There may be other reasons such as medical or lack of physical exercise due to various reasons. Until and unless you are not in one’s shoes, you cannot judge the person.

Accept the fact, we are all different and that is not something to be teased about. When you actually, think about the positive side you realize the world is not a place to hold grudges, judge others on the basis of your personal opinions. Life is all about learning, living, enjoying, facing difficulties and coming out with flying colours.

Please give each other space! Stop body shaming,it might provoke someone to end a precious life.


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Stop Body Shaming, Stop Judging And Nudging published first on

Author: Archer Windsor

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