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Celebrities suffering from Fibromyalgia

Celebrities suffering from Fibromyalgia

Yesterday we discussed about the unexplained pain syndrome known as Fibromyalgia. You can read about it in detail here. Keeping with the promise of updating knowledge about health and fitness, we at IWB are bringing in another related post about Fibromyalgia. Hope you will understand all about this unexplained pain syndrome through this second post; Celebrities suffering from Fibromyalgia.

As discussed earlier, sometimes an unexplained joint pain can be a sign of fibromyalgia. A small percentage of the population have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Like other diseases, fibromyalgia doesn’t discriminate. Many celebrities are suffering from this disease and have shared their opinions on this.

Morgan Freeman

Celebrities suffering from FibromyalgiaMorgan Freeman is a celebrity who seems to be everywhere, from acting to dubbing. He is also spreading awareness about fibromyalgia since he too is a victim of this ailment.

In an interview, Freeman discussed not being able to do certain activities, such as sailing, due to his fibromyalgia. He stated, “There is a point to changes like these. I have to move on to other things, to other conceptions of myself. I play golf. I still work. And I can be pretty happy just walking the land.” Life doesn’t stop with fibromyalgia.

Sinead O’Connor

celebrities with fibromyalgiaThis singer-songwriter is no stranger to controversial and sensitive topics. Despite her talent and Grammy-winning record, she quit the music business due to severe pain and fatigue. At first, O’Connor was quoted as saying that her career in music was to blame. “It rendered me invisible. Murdered my soul. I’m never going back to music,” she announced.

After taking time off from her career, O’Connor later said, “When you get something like fibromyalgia it’s a gift, actually, because you have to reassess your life.” 

Janeane Garofalo

celebrities with fibromyalgiaComedian Janeane Garofalo has made audiences laugh at her dry sense of humor and cynicism. But she talks about her fibromyalgia as a part of her stand-up act. In 2009, she told her audience, “I had no idea I was chronically dissatisfied,” in reference to her new treatment involving antidepressants.

Jo Guest

fibromyalgia celebs

Jo Guest is a former British model who had to quit her career due to severe fibromyalgia symptoms. She explained how fibromyalgia changed her life. “At first I thought it was just a virus, but it just wouldn’t stop. I was getting up and being sick all morning and having to spend the afternoon in bed,” she recalled. At first, Guest’s doctor wasn’t able to figure out what was wrong with her. “When you come out of hospital and you’re told everything’s normal, you should be happy, but I don’t want to be told everything’s normal — I just want to be told what’s wrong with me,” she said. 

Rosie Hamlin

Rosie Hamlin, the late lead singer of Rosie and the Originals, was beloved for her musical talents. In an interview Hamlin discussed her struggles with the condition. It depleted her ability to take on normal everyday tasks. She said, “I’ve always been extremely energetic and very, very busy … It’s taken me a couple of years now to have to deal with fibromyalgia, and I have to rethink my life, re-organize, and realize — just having to realize I’m so limited now. I don’t like it, but I have to deal with it. She stayed active until her death in April 2017, at the age of 71.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga fibromyalgia

Finally among many others are another very popular and familiar celeb…. Lady Gaga. We plan to take up her struggle with fibromyalgia in one the forthcoming posts. Till then, take care of your health and DO NOT IGNORE ANY PAIN.

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