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Cotton Ball Diet- A Dangerous Trend

Cotton Ball Diet – A Dangerous Trend

cotton ball diet dangerous

First impression is the last impression, this statement holds 100% relevance in our materialistic world. An attractive body is one which is perfectly toned with no extra inches or kgs, which is the desire of many individuals.In order to look good people nowadays try anything they are told that will be helpful without even thinking about the pros and cons of anything.
Be it even dieting whose trend is nowadays increasing, every second person will say no to food in the shield of dieting without even following a proper prescription, most of them don’t even know that a prescription of such thing exists. Excess of anything is bad, but people still follow the herd mentality and are insanely wishing to get perfect zero size body and are willing to go to any extent for this!
One such practice is Cotton Ball Diet.

Let us just understand, all about Cotton ball diet. Just as the name suggests, yes, it includes Cotton balls. As per Wikipedia, cotton ball diet is a fad diet which involves consuming cotton balls which are dipped in liquids basically juices or smoothies. The cotton is basically used as an element to make the person’s stomach feel full without weight gain. But this diet is no doubt regarded as dangerous. This trend has its emergence from the model industry as the top models are regarded to be the perfect zero size figure.

cotton ball diet dangerous for health

The negative impact of this bizarre diet is so that it leads to various dangerous situations such as malnutrition, anorexia, toxicity, intestinal obstruction and what not the only solution to which is surgery. Since cotton balls have no calories and drinking water over them even makes one fuller
leaving no urge to eat is what’s the basic idea of cotton ball diet.

Cotton Ball DietDangers of Cotton Ball Diet:

As now one can have a general idea of how cotton ball diet involves consumption of cotton and thus it’s pretty obvious that swallowing cotton can be harmful to our body. Let’s see what are the impacts of cotton ball diet on an individual’s health.
Excess of anything always comes with negatives and so does cotton ball diet. These are the major four reasons which cause life threatening damages:

  1. Intestinal obstruction and bezoars

cotton ball diet bezoar

It’s the most obvious thing that the human body cannot digest cotton balls making the condition worse they mix with mucus and other stuff in the body and create a mass popularly called as bezoars. So if something isn’t digestible it’s bound to deposit in the human body and so does cotton, it forms deposits which lead to
● Nausea
● Diarrhoea
● Cramps
● Abdominal distension (swelling)
● Abdominal pain
Any obstruction in the intestine left uncleared can cause death of the healthy tissues in the body which creates a medical emergency forming bezoars which have no other solution except surgical removal.


The cotton balls that are said to be consumed under this cotton ball diet are not pure cotton picked from a plant but rather these are chemically treated fibres processed with harmful substances like bleach whose processing in the stomach leads to creation of dioxins. These dioxins created as a result of cotton ball consumption are highly harmful and lead to hormonal disruption, causing damage to immune system and if the toxicity levels are increased to a level intolerable it even can cause a base to cancer.


cotton ball diet anorexiaBasically malnutrition is the medical condition when the body is unable to get the desired nutrients in a sufficient manner which are the basis for survival. Consuming cotton balls isn’t really the right way the human body gets the nutrients rather no nutrients are consumed this way, just the feeling of being filled is what we get. The early symptoms of malnutrition include pale skin, rashes, bruises, thinning hair, aching joints, etc. Long term malnutrition can even lead to severe weakening of the human body depleting all its ability to protect from infections and may even lead to death.

Anorexia nervosa

This is an eating disorder characterized by extreme fear of gaining weight, it is basically a psychological problem. People who suffer from anorexia nervosa are willing to go to extreme ends to lose weight and also to keep it off, these are mainly the people who are attracted to cotton ball diet. The also tend to starve by consumption of cotton balls because their consumption gives nothing apart from feeling of being full.

Our Take:

Whatever you look like, how much you weigh, all these are just the materialistic phenomenons created by our society, everyone is beautiful, every single human is a divine creation of God. So the crux of the article is that one should never fall into the trap of being slim and trying these hazardous diets like cotton ball diet as they are not helpful they are just an illusion created by the top models who tend to try anything to stay fit ignoring all the negative impacts they have on the body.
If you wish to lose weight try healthier diet methods not this atleast. Choose wisely. It must always be about gaining better health that just the figure.

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Author: Archer Windsor

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