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Kangana Ranaut Fitness And Diet Mantra

Kangana Ranaut

and her fitness mantra

Kangana Ranaut fitness

Kangana Ranaut who is always known as the firebrand queen of bollywood with fair and glowing skin and stunning figure. She is also known as queen of hearts. She is one of the actors of Bollywood who could pull off a black lipstick, with bleached eyebrows and proudly flaunt her god gifted curls. According to her experts Kangana has endless beauty which can be enhanced in multiple ways.

She is one of the outstanding actresses who have maintained their body and health consistently from debut till date in the industry. She is lean and slim since her childhood but her slim and toned body is the outcome of her constant physical workout in gym and dance classes. 

Kangana Ranaut’s fitness schedule

Kangana Ranaut is one fitness conscious woman. The actress hits the gym 5 days a week for around one to two hours daily. Her fitness regime includes strength as well as weight training along with yoga and cardio. Her exercises include pull-ups, push-ups, squats and German sets as part of her regular workout regime. For flexibility,  Kangana relies on yoga as her routine includes 45 minutes of yoga in a day.

She as a routine works on her muscles gain training & weight training once in a week to strengthen the bone & muscle.

Kangana Ranaut’s Diet Plan

To stay healthy, Kangana follows the right diet that maintains her health. She follows a high protein diet with five meals a day.Kangana Ranaut fitness

Breakfast: oatmeal and porridge in her breakfast. Both of the food are whole grains which helps in weight control.

Lunch:  Daal with two chappati, legumes and some curd occasionally.

Snacks: fruits, salad, protein shakes or nuts which help to maintain a good digestive system and control overeating.

Dinner: Boiled rice, boiled vegetables, salad, soup or a slice of bread.

She drinks 10-12 glasses of water daily to keep her body hydrated.

Diets and workout tips from Kangana Ranaut

  1. Eat a well balanced diet.
  2. Avoid unhealthy junk food but indulge sometimes.
  3. Meditate daily to keep your body and mind balanced.

Kangana Ranaut was a non-vegetarian who loved eating non-veg foods but some time back she has turned to vegetarian lifestyle. Kangana prefers to follow Vegan diet as far as possible because according to her, dairy caused acidity thus didn’t suit her. Thus that made her a Vegan by choice.

Kangana Ranaut, being in constant limelight, has to take care of her daily workouts and balanced diet to make her look stunning and feel strong. She follows a healthy and nutritious diet and makes changes in her diet according to the demand of her playing different characters.

So do you think you too can be a strong woman like Kangana Ranaut? Try following her routine as listed in this post, ‘Kangana Ranaut Fitness And Diet Mantra’.

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