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‘Good Diet’ Nutrition Bars, Snacks On The Move (Review)

 ‘Good Diet’ Nutrition Bars,

For Women On The Move

Big Basket Good Diet nutrition bars review

‘Good Diet’ Nutrition Bars, Review

After inching for quite some time now, my fitbit finally shows that it is 6 pm – the time to put on a brave face as I prepare myself to end my day. For those who are familiar with the hustle of the city life know that one constant enemy is travelling in public transport. For some, the metro is the place where they grow their social wings and chit-chat and blabber their way back home. While for others like me, metro is just the means to an end. With the rules on consuming food inside the metro being strict no-no, my 2 hours commute back home was always met with a white flag. On a regular day, I’d reach my home and hog whatever I could lay my hands on. This obviously used to mess up my commitment to healthy eating and I knew I needed a solution soon.

Nutrition Bars, life line of working women 

Fast forward to few months and I’ve got the solution to my frustration – Nutrition Bars! Yes, Nutrition Bars have come to my rescue as life line for the working women like me who are following Intermittent Fasting broadly.

Nutrition Bars are portable, healthy, tasty and easy to gobble down even while travelling. I recently laid my hands on Nutrition bars by Big Basket under the brand name ‘Good Diet’ and man, are they good! At an average price point of 40-50/- (My mom got those for me when they were being sold with discount offer), these bars are the perfect definition of convenience for an urban working professional such as me.

Big Basket Good Diet Nutrition Bar Review

‘Good Diet’, Nutrition Bars Review…

With a wide range of flavors, right from Peanuts & chocolate to Mango, figs, coconut and walnuts to Goji berries and black currants, these average 40 g bars have something for all taste buds. With the base of rolled oats in almost all variants,‘Good Diet’, Nutrition bars are 100% natural with no added sugar and of course gluten free! All hail food science! 

A 40 gm serving of these nutrition bars generally constitute between 150-160 kcal of energy, 18-20 g of carbohydrates, 4-5 g of protein and 3-4 g of dietary fiber. With no cholesterol and different flavors capable of making most of the taste preferences happy, these nutrition bars are nothing less than magic. One thing that hurts me at times is average 9-10 gms of sugars in each serving but then as the first opening meal while waiting for next metro line, the mention of ‘Natural Sugars’ surely comes as a great relief. Not to miss the good amounts of Calcium, Vitamins A/E and magnesium which are good enough to justify these as Nutrition Bars.

It is another 6 pm and as I alight on Metro Line 1 of 4, I know that for yet another day, another fantastic flavor of ‘Good Diet’ Nutrition bar by ‘Big Basket’ will keep my hunger at bay, and help me to keep my commitment to healthy eating, every day! Needless to say, Big Basket Good Diet nutrition bars can easily be understood as portable convenience.  

My Final Take on ‘Good Diet’ Nutrition Bars…..

I love these ‘Good Diet’ Nutrition Bars by Big Basket for the variety of flavours and nutrition value but would have loved them all the more with slightly lower sugar content.

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‘Good Diet’ Nutrition Bars, Snacks On The Move (Review) published first on

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