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YouTube Best Workout Videos To Make You Move At Home

YouTube best

5 workout videos to stay fit at home

Are you looking for free workout videos on YouTube! You need to checkout our curated list of 5 YouTube best workout videos. 

Now that soon Pooja holidays will start and we must make this break a little interesting by taking care of our body. Nowadays it is easily possible for us to stay fit even amidst a busy life. All we need is an internet connection along with a will to be fit. There are so many free workout videos that are available on the internet, especially on YouTube. There are videos for strength and conditioning, cardio barre, yoga, Pilates, floor workouts, martial arts, etc. which can do wonders to our health if we follow them.

Here we have curated 5 YouTube best workout videos that are easy to follow and have variety.

Let us get started…..

YouTube best workout videos 1

Zumba dance workout video for weight loss:

                  Zumba dance workout video for weight loss

This video is real fun way to help lose weight with Zumba dance workout. The best dance instructor is one who makes moves easier to do and this video is one such. With around 140 million views, this video is so enjoyable and makes workout with Zumba worth doing. One can continue dancing for a longer time for some weeks to lose weight while dancing and having fun. The super positive energy of the instructors will help you stay motivated, along with sweating. One can subscribe on to ‘one how to’ channel for more exciting Zumba videos.

YouTube best workout videos 2

Fat burning cardio workout:

 Fat burning cardio workout

This is a high energy 37 mnts video with a solid workout instructed by Kelli from There is no need to hit the gym to burn fat. Just try this 37 minutes video with 10 minutes break in between as well. The instructors help you workout the whole of your body with this super hit cardio workout. The best part of this video is that there is no music in the video so that you can use your own favorite workout music track.

YouTube best workout videos 3

Strengthen your core in 5 minutes:

                             Strengthen your core in 5 minutes

Celebrity personal trainer, Joel Harper, developed a five minutes fitness video to strengthen your core. You can get washboard abs in no time and feel confident in your bathing suit. Following this exciting video can give you excellent results. With exercises like stomach crunches, core press, core stretch, circle crunches, cross body crunches, and abdominal stretch, you won’t be missing out on any core strengthening benefits.

YouTube best workout videos 4

30 minutes HIIT cardio workout with a warm-up:

                  30 minutes HIIT cardio workout with a warm-up

This is a video of high-intensity cardio body weight workout from trainer Lita Lewis. You are sure to raise your heart rate with high knees, fast-moving feet, and star jumps; plus work your core and lower body with powerful lunges and planks. This video assures you that there is no need to hit the gym. This video can be quickly followed at home. Speed up through this workout video, if you have a busy schedule.

YouTube best workout videos 5

Yoga for complete beginners:

                           Yoga for complete beginners

This yoga video is for complete Beginners. Adriene, the instructor, welcomes all levels complete and total beginners to start their routine here. Hop on the mat and start practicing yoga with this 20 minutes free home workout video. This video recommends its viewers to consult their physician and follow all safety instructions before beginning any exercise program.

So, we have curated some of the ‘YouTube best workout videos’ which you can follow at the comfort of your home and stay fit. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started as it’s never too late to start something as good as exercise. Enjoy, stay mindful, and follow what feels right to your body.

If you have another curated list of YouTube best workout videos, share with us in comments.

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