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5 Tips To Follow The Mantra; ‘Fit Father, Healthy Kids’.

How To Follow the Mantra, ‘Fit Father, Healthy Kids’; 5 Tips

Fit father healthy kids

Keeping kids healthy and fit can be a lot challenging, especially in extreme conditions. If your kid is healthy, their body and mind both work well and they have a good concentration level. Here we discuss five tips for how a fit father can raise healthy kids. These are the which your child can be more healthy and active. Remember the mantra,‘Fit father, healthy kids’.

Fit father, healthy kids’ Tip 1

Lead by example 

The biggest contribution as a father you can set-in is by becoming a role model for your child. Start more physical activities in your daily activities. Surround yourself with more physical tasks. Remember that everything which moves or excites you, try to sneak these activities into your daily routine. For e.g: You can use stairs over an elevator or you can pick the groceries from a very far place. Over, an interval of time your child adapts to the conditions where he can lead these good habits.

Fit father healthy kids

Fit father, healthy kids’ Tip 2

Encourage to exercise

The assured way to motivate the kids to exercise is by rewarding them with their favorite activities. A father can reward them each time they complete the given exercise like giving them a special ride or planning a trek to an exciting place. This approach is more effective and encourages your child to do more physical activities which later easily transforms into habit which further leads to healthy and fit adulthood. 

Fit father, healthy kids’ Tip 3

Avoid Too much Screen Time

Fit father healthy kids

The biggest obstacle as a father you have when you see your kid spending too much time watching television or using a mobile phone. The usage of multiple screens for a longer duration can cause them a vision syndrome or impaired concentration at a young age. You can restrict your kid by making some strict rules, such as setting the amount of time they spend on watching television or on using a mobile phone. You can encourage them to spend time in nature and which increases their visualization power.

Fit father, healthy kids’ Tip 4

Limiting Sugar

The body draws, all the carbohydrate from the food they eat. Extra carbohydrates which they get from refined food just makes a lot of empty calories which cause them hyperactivity, obesity and even suicidal tendencies. The complex carbs are much healthier and their energy lasts for a longer time. You should encourage your kid in eating whole grains, cereals, beans, and Brown rice.

Fit father healthy kids

Fit father, healthy kids’ Tip 5

Water Intake

Water is the most essential nutrient in keeping your kid healthy and fit. Sometimes the amount of water your kid drinks is much lower than the prescribed amount. You should encourage them to drink more amount, as it helps them in excreting the toxic waste from their body. 

Every parent knows, for an active and healthier kid, he/she needs to be physically more active. Sadly, fathers today do not recognize exercise as bonding time with kids as they lead a hectic life and consider weekends as ‘time to chill’. It is high time for them to start thinking about the life mantra of ‘Fit father, healthy kids’.

Do you agree with 5 Tips for fathers To follow the mantraFit father, healthy kids’.

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