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These Celebrities Faced Body Shaming Trolls And Won Hearts

Celebrities And Body Shaming Trolls

In the times of aggressive social media, there are a lot of bad things happening around us. One such sad thing is ‘Body-shaming’. It is such a common word now a days but for the uninitiated, let us start with the basics.

celebrity body shaming and trolls

What is Body-Shaming?  

Body Shaming is the act of criticizing and harassing overweight or underweight people. It can be about their weight or eating habits so as to make them feel ashamed and conscious of themselves. Some people believe that making someone feel ashamed of their physical attributes helps them attain something that they won’t normally do. Thus using this as an excuse, people make fun of the physicality of other people. This just isn’t correct, right? 

Well, not only normal people but even the most admired people around us are being brought down by this act. Celebrities are the ones who get the most of this unnecessary attention and are made fun of. As it is rightly said that it is easier to drag down people who are above us than to work hard like them and reach their level. This is the basic reason behind social media trolling. 

Pakistani Cricket team captain, Sarfaraz Ahmed who was considered the main culprit behind the bad display of Pakistan this World Cup, was fat-shamed by cricket fans. Instead of supporting him at the time of failure, he was pulled down. Every one forgot that it would make his performances worse and ultimately lead to a bigger failure.

Body Shaming; some celebrity cases:

Bollywood Actress: Vidya Balan 

Fat shaming trolls and celebrities

Not only in cricket, but even in the Bollywood, celebrities are suffering due to fat shaming and trolling. The famous Bollywood actress Vidya Balan had been a victim of Fat-shaming all her life. In an interview, she exclaimed “I’ve had hormonal issues for my entire life. It’s likely a direct result of the judgment I’ve conveyed my body. When I was a youngster, individuals would tell me, ‘You have such a pretty face, for what reason don’t you lose some weight?’ That’s not a good thing to say to someone, be it a kid or an adult.”. This is how she reacted when a reporter asked her about her early life. So, you can see that body-shaming had a big impact on her career as well as life, can’t you?

Bollywood actress: Sonakshi Sinha

Body shaming trolls and celebrities

Well we all know about the Dabangg girl, don’t we? Well, it’s sad that she too suffered a lot due to body shaming. You can read Sonakshi’s story here. She has seen good and bad times and all these years and always stood firm against each one of the obstacles. Exposing her trolls who persistently disgraced her for her weight issues she said in an interview: ” I have been body-disgraced a considerable amount, however, pushing forward of that since that is the thing that I have consistently put stock in… That it’s not what you look like but rather how you do and about what number of individuals you connect with.” And there she was, losing 30 Kgs and becoming a Bollywood sensation in no time.

Bollywood actor: Fardeen khan

Body shaming, trolls and celebrities

Fardeen Khan, Indian Bollywood star, who once was the lead actor in many successful movies like No Entry, Heyy Babyy, All the Best sequels, etc. has been a major target of body-shaming trolls. In the course of recent years, we couldn’t help but see Fardeen Khan slipping down the track. Why? Cause of his apparent gain. (Read Fardeen’s story here) This is what he had to say about it: “I have been slammed superfluously. I think we have to get over these damn things. I truly couldn’t care less about it. I am what I am and I can see myself in the mirror.” Well, this is how we should react, shouldn’t we?

Not only these but there are hundreds of celebrities all over the world who are being body-shamed vehemently and the latest one being Zareen Khan (Read her story here). She was recently trolled on Instagram over her stretch marks and was supported by Anushka Sharma

Body shaming, trolls and celebrities

The fact remains that they ignored that to move on and become successful. The take home is that we all need to ignore those who don’t matter in our lives. Each one of us has physical, emotional or psychological battles to fight which are so very personal for us. Fact also remains that a large part of our society is suffering due to this shoddy act of trolling.

Staying fit and healthy is one thing, but trying to fit into standards set by other people that are defined by unreal parameters can lead to an even unhealthier life and body – physically, mentally, and socially.

Almost one-third of people in the world have been body-shamed at least once in their life? Well a substantial amount, isn’t it? So worry not and keep making baby steps to be healthy. Ultimately it is your health that matters.


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