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Top Foods That Prevent A Heart Attack

Have A Look At The Top Foods That Prevent A Heart Attack!

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Heart attacks are traumatizing both for the patient and the family. You might be feeling weak as your heart has to undergo a lot of stress during an attack. As a heart patient, it becomes immensely important for you to know how you can recover from the weakness. Following a healthy diet is the initial step you need to take to recover as food is your medicine. Also, a proper diet will ensure that you don’t suffer from a second heart attack. Those who had followed a proper heart-friendly diet previously would not have suffered a heart attack at all. (generally speaking)


Foods that prevent a heart attack

Here are the foods that prevent a heart attack,

1) Fruits and veggies

While recovering from a heart attack, you need to include lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet. The biggest advantage of eating fruits and vegetables is that they are low in calories but provide you with a lot of nutrients. They help in keeping your blood pressure normal which is important to promote heart health. Being rich in potassium, fruits and veggies help in balancing the counter-effects of sodium. To include more fruits and veggies in your diet, snack on them instead of consuming fried and salty foods. You can always have a bowl of chopped fresh fruits as a mid morning or evening snack. Include salads in your daily diet plan so that you get to consume enough veggies.

2) Green tea

Most doctors recommend heart patients to drink green tea, especially those who have suffered a heart attack recently. Green tea is known to prevent heart attacks. Additionally, with zero calories, this beverage is rich in antioxidants that help patients in recovering. To know more about the health benefits of green tea, click here!

3) Nuts

Almonds have a lot of health benefits to offer and one amongst them is its role in helping heart patients recover after an attack. Please keep in mind that nuts are good for heart patients only when they are unsalted. Adding nuts to your diet will also make your food more appealing.

4) Whole grains

Whole grains have lots of fibre and nutrients when compared to their refined version. This is probably why maida is not preferred by those who wish to lead a healthy lifestyle. Consuming whole grains will help in keeping your BP normal and improve heart health.

Foods you need to avoid if you are a heart patient

There are a plenty of foods that are not good for your heart and must be avoided. The first in the list are foods that have high sugar content. Sugar makes you gain weight and thereby increases heart problems. Foods that are too salty also need to be avoided as they will increase blood pressure. High cholesterol foods such as meat and eggs should also be avoided by heart patients.

Be a little extra careful with the foods you consume and you can see tremendous improvement in your heart health.

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